January 28, 2023

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Iran stands by Syria in reconstruction period: Raisi

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi underlined that Iran will stand by Syria in the reconstruction period just as it did during the resistance period.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is a true friend of the Syrian nation, because just as it stood by the Syrian nation and government during the resistance against terrorism, it is ready to stand by them during the reconstruction period by strengthening all-round economic cooperation,” President Raisi said, according to a readout released by the official website of the Iranian presidency.

Ayatollah Raisi made the remarks during a meeting with Syrian Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Ali Mahmoud Abbas.

The visit by the Syrian defense minister comes amid media speculations about a possible normalization between Syria and Turkey on the one hand and between Syria and some Arab states on the other hand. Rumor had it that Syria-Iran relations simultaneously went through a period of coolness. 

But the recent visit of the Iranian foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, to Damascus and the subsequent visit of the Syrian defense minister to Tehran showed the opposite.

In his meeting with the Syrian defense minister, Ayatollah Raisi described the Syrian armed forces’ protection of the country’s nation and the government against sedition as promising for the future of the people and the country.

Raisi also described and clarified the relations between the two countries as strategic, adding, “The relations between Iran and Syria are based on common beliefs, as well as the spirit of standing and resistance of the people of the two countries”.

In this meeting, Lieutenant General Ali Mahmoud Abbas also stated that Syria won against terrorism with the support of its true brothers and friends and will play a stronger role as one of the chains of the resistance axis, saying, “The axis of resistance will play an important role in shaping the new world”.

The Syrian Defense Minister said, “Enemies have always been looking for an opportunity to damage the deep, brotherly relations between Syria and Iran, but the relations between the two countries are too deep-rooted and strong for anyone to damage them, and these relations are becoming wider and deeper better than before”.

The Syrian defense minister also met with the chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), General Hossein Salami.  In this meeting, General Salami expressed the IRGC’s readiness to share its experiences in cyber, intelligence and electronic warfare with Syria.

The IRGC commander underlined the importance of closer military and defense cooperation between Iran and Syria, Tasnim reported. 

Voicing the IRGC’s readiness to assist the Syrian armed forces in various fields, Major General Salami highlighted the need to share experiences in the spheres relating to cyberwarfare, intelligence and information warfare, and electronic warfare.

While the IRGC remains committed to the previous military agreements with Syria, it is prepared to broaden training cooperation with the Syrian armed forces in various sectors, such as the command and staff courses, supreme courses of war strategies, supreme courses for branches, and other expert fields, Salami stated.

The IRGC chief further described the growing cases of insecurity and the recent developments in the territories occupied by the Zionists and in the West Bank, Jenin and Gaza as a sign of the decline of the Zionist regime, adding, “Those who sought to destroy Syria one day with a global onslaught are now on the road to decline and perdition.”

The Syrian defense minister, for his part, expressed gratitude to Iran for supporting his country in the fight against terrorism and Daesh (ISIL or ISIS).

Abbas also noted that the Syrian military forces are going to win the final victory and cleanse the entire Syria of occupiers with the resistance shown by its people and the unwavering support provided by Iran and Hezbollah.

Iran top general meets Syrian defense minister

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri met in Tehran Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas.

In the meeting, lauded Syria for its resistance and supporting Palestine from the outset of occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Zionist regime, Tasnim reported. 

The senior commander stressed the need for staging a joint military exercise between Iran and Syria.

Major General Baqeri also condemned the recurrent Israeli acts of aggression against the Arab country that has violated international law.

He noted that Iran has provided advisory support for the Syrian Army so far, expressing the Islamic Republic’s readiness to help the Syrian military forces in restructuring, training, and supplying equipment.

For his part, the Syrian defense minister highlighted the close interaction between Damascus and Tehran in the fight against terrorism and the common enemy.

Praising the Islamic Republic for backing his country during the crisis and for standing against the Israeli regime, Abbas said Syria will continue to fight against the Zionist regime and stand with the nations seeking independence.

In July 2020, Iran and Syria signed a comprehensive agreement to enhance their cooperation in the military and defense sectors.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/481240/Iran-stands-by-Syria-in-reconstruction-period-Raisi

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