April 2, 2023

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Iran, Russia looking for a new world order

TEHRAN – Chairman of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has arrived in Tehran and met with Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf. In Tehran, talks of a 25-year partnership between Iran and Russia featured high. 

With Volodin visiting Tehran at a critical world juncture, Iran and Russia appear to be moving in the direction of upgrading their ties to a strategic level within the framework of the 25-year partnership agreement that is under consideration in both countries. 

While this partnership is conspicuously bilateral, it comes against a backdrop of a delicate moment in the world, with Russia and Iran both facing severe sanctions imposed by the West. 

The sanctions seem to be creating a common ground between the two countries to boost their ties and lay the groundwork for a new, multipolar world order in the process.

Commenting on the visit, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali has underlined the need for close consultations between Tehran and Moscow amid a Western drive to protect Western-centric world order. 

Jalali referred to the visit by Volodin to Iran. “The visit of the head of the Russian State Duma to Tehran amid the rapid international developments confirms the necessity of continuing close consultations between the two countries,” the ambassador said on Twitter. 

He added, “Now that the West has exerted all its power for the continuation of the Western-oriented world order, the interaction between Iran and Russia in the forefront of the new international order strengthens the axis of the emerging powers.”

Volodin was accorded an official reception in Tehran on Monday morning led by Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf. 

After the welcoming ceremony, Qalibaf and Volodin held the third Joint High Commission of Parliamentary Cooperation between Iran and Russia. 

“The Joint High Commission is being held when both sides have reached a common understanding of sensitivities and cooperation. We hope that in 2023, relations between the parliaments will find their way with more momentum in the political and economic arena, as well as other strategic cooperation,” Qalibaf said. 

He added, “After entering into any phenomenon and incident, opportunities and threats arise, and it is true that the officials of the two countries, parliaments, governments and nations can act in a way that maximizes the use of opportunities and turns threats into opportunities. Otherwise, we will lose opportunities and also opportunities will become threats.”

Qalibaf stated, “Our officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation know that we are at an important point in bilateral and multilateral relations and national and regional issues, and time is the most important element in this decision.”

He said, “We must look to the future and the strategic agreement between Iran and Russia must be taken into consideration. We must implement the 25-year agreement as soon as possible.”

Volodin, for his part, praised the relations between Iran and Russia, according to ICANA. “The relations between Iran and Russia have found a positive development path and the relations between the leaders of the two countries also show good bilateral relations. At the level of the Russian Parliament, we will use all our efforts to implement the decisions made in the Joint High Commission.”

He said, “We hope to achieve results in this joint commission that will secure the interests of the two countries. Various economic and commercial issues will be raised in this joint commission.”

Volodin said, “Considering the development of parliamentary relations between Iran and Russia, we are looking for new structures for the development and deepening of relations.”

This high-ranking Russian official pointed to the 25-year agreement between Iran and Russia and said, “This agreement does not only include new relations, but will create a foundation for the development of relations.”

The head of the Russian Duma mentioned the role of Qalibaf in signing the 25-year contract and presenting its draft to the Russian authorities during his visit to Moscow.

He said, “I hope that in the near future this contract will be reviewed by the heads of government of the two countries. This agreement is not only a strategic agreement, but it is a building block for the development of cooperation in all fields, and it will also be a new building block for greater cooperation between the two countries.”

Volodin added, “We are well aware that we must use all our efforts to create a new architecture for the world, and this depends on the will of the two countries. Iran and Russia definitely support the concept of global multipolar architecture.”

He continued, “Iran and Russia have been facing sanctions and challenges for a long time, and these threats do not hinder the development of our relations. In fact, the main purpose of sanctions is to maintain the hegemony of the United States in the world, but we defend our national sovereignty and determine our own destiny. We support our traditions, literature and language and support the independent politics of countries.”

He noted, “They are used to interfering in other countries and want to use all the resources of the world to increase their wealth. Of course, the United States is already damaged, but the European Union follows the policies of the United States. The leaders of Europe must get the energy and gas they need from non-Russian markets and at higher prices than before, which is very difficult for them.”

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