April 2, 2023

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Haiming’s “Chinese Philosophy” published in Persian

TEHRAN – Tehran-based company Qoqnus has recently published “Chinese Philosophy” by Wen Haiming in Persian.

The book originally published in 2010 was translated into Persian by Amin Bazrafshan, whose translation of “Chinese Publishing: Introductions to Chinese Culture” by Hu Yang and Yang Xiao was recently published by Qoqnus.

This book aims to explore Chinese philosophical characteristics of different philosophers in various periods, and distinguish “Chinese philosophical sensibility” motivating their thoughts. 

In doing so, the author employs Western philosophical categories to describe different issues in the history of philosophy: Chinese political philosophy in pre-Qin era, Chinese metaphysics from Hanto Tang Dynasties, Chinese epistemology from Song to Ming Dynasties, and modern Chinese-Western comparative philosophy. 

The author provides readers with a clear conception of Chinese philosophical sensibility and its evolution throughout history.

Haiming received his Ph.D. in comparative philosophy from the University of Hawaii in 2006. 

He is now a professor at the School of Philosophy, Renmin (People’s) University of China (RUC), the Beijing Center and Yeching Academy. 

He has also published the books “Making One’s Intentions Concrete: Dimensions of Confucian Ethics” and “Confucian Pragmatism as the Art of Contextualizing Personal Experience and World”. 

He has also published more than 50 journal articles in both English and Chinese, including more than 10 articles in English peer-reviewed journals like Asian Philosophy and Journal of Chinese Philosophy. 

He has been selected as one of the New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2010, and one of the Ming De Scholars of RUC. 

He is a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the journal Asian Philosophy, and was the Associate Editor-in-Chief for the English Journal Frontiers of Philosophy in China, and editor-in-chief of the “International Studies on Chinese Philosophy” series for Peking University Press.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian edition of Wen Haiming’s book “Chinese Philosophy”.


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/480701/Haiming-s-Chinese-Philosophy-published-in-Persian

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