March 21, 2023

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Biden news – live: President dodges questions on UK, Iran, Ukraine papers as White House …

Biden visits U.S.-Mexico border amidst migrant crisis

President Joe Biden’s visit to Mexico has been shrouded by news that classified documents from his time as vice president were discovered at a think tank in Washington DC.

Mr Biden dodged questions on the classified papers – which, according to CNN, relate to Ukraine, Iran and the UK – twice in as many days.

Mr Biden’s attorneys confirmed on Monday that they had found the government materials in a private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in November.

The Justice Department has launched an investigation as news reports indicate that at least some of the materials included intelligence memos regarding Iran, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and other topics.

The revelation came just as the president was being officially welcomed to Mexico City where he is attending a three-day summit with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Dem Intel committee chair wants congressional briefing on Biden documents

Mark Warner, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is requesting a congressional briefing from relevant agencies about the documents uncovered at the Penn Biden centre by Joe Biden’s attorneys.

His take is significant given that his committee could launch an investigation into the matter, and it would carry much more weight given that Mr Warner is a member of Mr Biden’s own party.

“Our system of classification exists in order to protect our most important national security secrets, and we expect to be briefed on what happened both at Mar-a-Lago and at the Biden office as part of our constitutional oversight obligations,” said the chairman on Tuesday.

He added, according to NBC: “From what we know so far, the latter is about finding documents with markings, and turning them over, which is certainly different from a months-long effort to retain material actively being sought by the government. But again, that’s why we need to be briefed.”

John Bowden10 January 2023 20:00


Biden ignores reporter question about classified documents for second day in a row

President Joe Biden ignored questions for the second day in a row about the classified documents from his time as vice president found at the offices of the DC think tank bearing his name.

The files found at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in the US Capital included information regarding Ukraine, Iran, and the UK, CNN reported.

Gustaf Kilander has more:

John Bowden10 January 2023 19:11


White House counsel’s office comments

Ian Sams, a spokesman for Joe Biden’s office of White House counsel, has released a statement on the ongoing review of documents retrieved from a DC think tank by Mr Biden’s lawyers.

“This is an ongoing process under review by DOJ, so we are going to be limited in what we can say at this time. But we are committed to doing this the right way, and we will provide further details when and as appropriate,” he said.

John Bowden10 January 2023 18:30


Classified papers found in Biden office included memos on Ukraine, Iran and UK

The classified papers discovered in a think tank office formerly used by Joe Biden included intelligence memos on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom, CNN reported.

An Illinois-based federal prosecutor has been tasked with investigating the presence of potentially classified documents found by Mr Biden’s personal attorneys.

Read more on this evolving story:

John Bowden10 January 2023 17:52


Oversight Republican: ‘Same treatment’ for Biden and Trump

The incoming Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, has released a statement on the discovery of a small number of classified materials dating back from Joe Biden’s time at the White House at a DC think tank.

“President Biden has stated that taking classified documents from the White House is ‘irresponsible.’ Under the Biden Administration, the Department of Justice and National Archives have made compliance with the Presidential Records Act a top priority,” said Mr Comer.

“We expect the same treatment for President Biden, who has apparently inappropriately maintained classified documents in an insecure setting for several years.”

John Bowden10 January 2023 17:20


Donald Trump Jr weighs in

Donald Trump Jr has joined the chorus demanding to know why the FBI didn’t “raid” any of Joe Biden’s personal residences for classified documents — the obvious answer being that the agency has no reason to believe there are any present.

“Biden kept classified documents from the Obama administration that he as VP would not have had the ability to declassify and I have yet to hear about the FBI Hostage Rescue Team raiding one of his homes?” asked the former president’s eldest son.

“Why the double standard?” he added.

John Bowden10 January 2023 16:32


Ex-DHS official lay out differences between Trump’s Mar-a-Lago stash and Biden news

Olivia Troye, a former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence who also worked at the Department of Homeland Security, laid out the differences between Donald Trump’s hoard of documents at Mar-a-Lago and the new discovery of classified materials dating back to Joe Biden’s time as vice president at a DC think tank.

“The difference is that Biden‘s lawyers cooperated & reached out to the National Archives upon discovering the classified documents, unlike Trump & his circle obstructing the investigation into the classified docs at Mar-A-Lago. Regardless, the right will distort this & use it,” she tweeted.

John Bowden10 January 2023 16:00


DoJ assigns Biden case to Trump appointee to avoid conflict of interest

NBC News has reported that Attorney General Merrick Garland has asked the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, John Lausch, to head up the investigation into documents from Joe Biden’s time as vice president, including some classified materials, found by the president’s attorneys at a DC think tank.

Mr Lausch was intentionally assigned the case to avoid any appearance of political favoritism, NBC reports — Mr Lausch was appointed to the position by former President Donald Trump.

His tenure was extended through the Biden administration when both of Illinois’ Democratic senators signed a joint letter urging the president to keep him on the job. Mr Lausch has a long history with the DoJ, including in the agency’s narcotics and gangs unit.

John Bowden10 January 2023 15:30


GOP lawmaker: Why didn’t we hear about Biden docs before midterms?

Republican Congressman Jim Banks is raising questions about the timing of Monday’s news regarding Joe Biden’s attorneys finding classified materials from his time as vice president at a DC think tank.

“Classified documents were found at Joe Biden’s think tank before the midterms. Why are we just finding out now?” wrote Mr Banks.

“One set of rules for anyone named Biden, Clinton or Obama and a different set of rules for the rest of us,” he added in another tweet.

Mr Biden notably was not up for election in 2022 — the congressman is suggesting that the issue could have somehow helped GOP candidates around the country who were beset by headwinds stemming from the Supreme Court’s decision ending Roe vs Wade, as well as voters’ distaste for the election fraud conspiracies that some Trump acolytes were still spreading in 2022.

John Bowden10 January 2023 15:12


Tensions rise in Biden and López Obrador meeting

On Monday, US President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had a sharp exchange as they met at the opening of a summit of North American leaders.

The Mexican leader challenged Mr Biden to end an attitude of “abandonment” and “disdain” for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The comments were a stark contrast to the public display of affection between Mr López Obrador and Mr Biden shortly before, as they smiled and embraced and shook hands for the cameras. But once the two sat down in an ornate room at the Palacio Nacional, flanked by delegations of top officials, it didn’t take long for tensions to bubble to the surface.

Mr López Obrador challenged Mr Biden to improve life across the region, telling him that “you hold the key in your hand.”

“This is the moment for us to determine to do away with this abandonment, this disdain, and this forgetfulness for Latin America and the Caribbean,” he said.

He also complained that too many imports are coming from Asia instead of being produced in the America.

“We ask ourselves, couldn’t we produce in America what we consume?” he said. “Of course.”

Biden responded by defending the billions of dollars that the US spends in foreign aid around the world, saying “unfortunately our responsibility just doesn’t end in the Western Hemisphere”. And he referenced US deaths from fentanyl, a drug that flows over the border from Mexico.

While both men pledged to work together, it was a noticeably sharp exchange, on full display before reporters. They met privately for about an hour before having dinner with Mr Trudeau and their wives.

Rachel Sharp10 January 2023 14:30

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