March 21, 2023

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A reminder to friends about name of Persian Gulf

TEHRAN– Without mentioning the name of Iraq and the recent friction between the two countries over the name of the Persian Gulf, the Javan newspaper points to the historical roots of the name of the Persian Gulf and its importance for Iranians and wrote: “Some politicians in the allied countries should be careful that familiarity with diplomatic etiquette is very important and paying attention to details is very important in international relations.” 

They should not express their words in a non-diplomatic tone because lack of precision in using the term Persian Gulf can cause misunderstanding in public opinion and in politics and media, the paper suggested.
“It is better to avoid using the Gulf instead of the real name Persian Gulf.”

Iran: Paris is defeated and angry

The Iran newspaper covers the insult of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo against Iran’s top religious and political figure and writes: the result is due to the failures of Paris at various levels and anger towards the Islamic Republic. 

“The political situation of France, which used to be a powerful country in Europe, has now degraded and has become vulgar and commonplace in some areas. Emmanuel Macron has become the president of a country that is a member of the UN Security Council and the third largest economy in Europe and has had thinkers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Montesquieu. When the prestige of a country has degraded to such a level, then the president meets with very low-level personalities like Masoumeh Alinejad; the case is true for a satirical magazine too,” the newspaper said.

Keyhan: Criticism against reformers
In an analysis written by Hossein Shariatmadari, Keyhan criticized reformists for their recent positions. He wrote: “During the recent riots, reformists were supporting hired terrorists and thugs, and after the riots finished and the enemies failed, once again, while pretending they are philanthropists, began to give advice and called the Islamic Republic not to punish the murderers! without saying a word about their support for the murderers of people.

After insulting the Prophet of Islam a few years ago, the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” shamelessly insulted the Leader of the revolution, and while the Iranians were angry against the French government and the magazine’s insult, the reformists wanted a softer stance against the French government and the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Now, the reformists on Twitter and other media outlets have called for the Islamic Republic’s inaction in the face of the shameless insult! Now we ask them this question: what is the difference between your positions and actions and the positions and actions of the enemies of Islam and the revolution?!

Shargh: Hashemi’s foreign policy

The Shargh newspaper interviewed Hashemi Rafsanjani’s brother on the occasion of his demise anniversary. In the interview, Mohammad Hashemi says about what approach Hashemi Rafsanjani would have taken in foreign policy if he were alive: 
“From a general point of view, his opinion on foreign policy had not changed; because his strategy in foreign relations was de-escalation,” the brother said.
“In international relations, he cared about de-escalation, relations, mutual respect, and common interests. All countries have their own national interests in relation to other countries. There must be mutual respect in foreign relations. Therefore, Mr. Hashemi had his own point of view on the world during his eight years of presidency, so many countries improved their relations with Iran after the war with Iraq and went towards improving peaceful relations and common interests. I am sure if Hashemi was alive, he would interact with the world.”

Arman-e Emrooz: We need new political figures

Arman-e Emrooz emphasized the presence of new politicians in the country’s political atmosphere and wrote: “The current situation shows that we, in all fields, face with challenges and problems.
Parliamentary elections are one of the opportunities that, with the candidacy of moderate political figures, can help rid the country out of its current dilemma, it said.

Criticizing the accumulation of citizens’ needs, the newspaper writes, “Even the officials believe that Iran needs new managers at this time. One of the criticisms in this regard is lack of attention to the performance of former managers who always want to remain in their positions by creating an environment without competition. One of the needs to improve the condition is the maximum participation in the upcoming elections.” 

It adds, “The presence of extremists in the country’s political arena has always shown that we cannot achieve success and development in domestic politics, nor can we secure national interests in foreign policy.”

Vatan-e Emrooz: Similarity between reformists and Netanyahu

Vatan-e Emrroz draws a similarity between the position of the prime minister of Israel and some reformists regarding the execution of two rioters and writes: “Netanyahu and people like him, who are the loathed enemies of the Iranian people, are not alone in supporting chaos in Iran.”

If Israel and the Westerners are the main leaders of rioters and insecurity in Iran, then reformists are considered as their soldiers inside the country, the conservative publication opined.

During the past few months, no one remembers that a reformist and or their media have said a word condemning the riots, assassinations, and killing of security defenders, it added. 

“On the contrary, by calling rioters ‘protesters’ and covering up their crimes, they have actually supported riots and terror… The reformists’ solidarity with Netanyahu in defending the rioters once again confirms that the political current is playing the role of the Israeli soldiers and the Westerners. That is why it can be said that in the case of the recent riots, the reformists have engaged with Netanyahu and Israel.”

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