November 29, 2022

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Queues for water as Putin targets civilian lifelines

Russia’s latest air attacks on Ukrainian cities have wrought further havoc on the country’s public utilities.

More than 50 missiles launched from long-range Russian bombers filled the skies over Ukraine in what is becoming a regular Monday morning event.

I awoke to the air raid sirens at 7am and quickly learnt that electricity had been cut. I then checked the bathroom for running water.

Cold only, of course, and the pressure was low but I was lucky, as some districts had lost water altogether. I washed up and managed to do some urgent laundry by hand.

But as the internet was out, I decided to get some groceries and a maybe a coffee.

No such luck. I found myself travelling from one dark kiosk to another, along with countless other caffeine-addicted people in my neighbourhood. “No light, no kava,” read the signs.

The situation with supermarkets was even trickier. I finally found one that was open. I waited my turn in a long queue only to be told that they were not accepting cards because of the outage.

As I write this piece, I am standing in the doorway of a supermarket charging my phone while others with dead phones wait their turn behind me.

The night, which comes at around 5pm these days, promises to be even more interesting, as people negotiate dark crossings with no traffic lights, hoping that oncoming cars will see them and stop.

With my phone now charged, at least I can use the torch to see my way home.

The path will be pitch black save for a few bars and cafes that operate by candlelight.

You can hear them but barely see them laughing in the dark, making the best of a predicament now shared by the whole country.

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