December 8, 2022

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Allegations Of Giving Drones To Russia In War "Baseless": Iranian Envoy

Allegations Of Giving Drones To Russia In War Is 'Baseless': Iranian Envoy

Iran’s Ambassador to India said the demonstrations in Iran against hijab “is propaganda”.

New Delhi: As the Russia-Ukraine war entered its 9th month, many countries including China, Turkey, and Iran have offered help to Moscow. While Russia is using different weapons against Ukraine, Iran is accused of supplying drones to the country.

In conversation with NDTV, Iran’s Ambassador to India, Dr Iraj Elahi, answered questions related to the war, the anti-hijab protests, and the recent ISIS attack on a shrine.

Dr Elahi said Iran has not given weapons to Russia since the beginning of the war and the allegations are “baseless”.

“There is an agreement between Russia and Iran to cooperate in the defense sector. The western media is alleging that Iran is giving drones to Russia, this is baseless,” the envoy said.

Dr Elahi said the demonstrations in Iran against hijab “is propaganda”. “Currently, we can see two Irans. The demonstrations we are seeing are one-sided, and people are believing what the western media is showing them,” he said.

“Many rallies are being organised in support of hijab and the government, but the western media will not show this. To understand the situation in Iran, then people should follow government channels in the country and not follow the media from the west,” he further added.

The Iranian envoy told NDTV that the “truth related to Mahsa Amini’s death is in the official report of the Government of Iran. It clearly shows that she died due to chronic illness.”

On the recent attack on Iran’s Shah Cheragh Shrine in which 15 people were killed, Dr Elahi said “we remembered the pilgrims by holding a condolence meeting in Delhi.” He further added, “the ISIS attack is condemnable and every country should stand against the terrorist group, yesterday it was in Afghanistan and today it is in Iran.”

“Can’t say which country to come tomorrow. We have to stand together against terrorism,” he said.

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