February 1, 2023

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The Violent Mullahs: Unrest in Iran Sends Waves of Uncertainty Across the Region

Israel, meanwhile, the country that is perhaps most affected by this development, finds itself in the midst of an election campaign. On November 1, Benjamin Netanyahu, among the most obstinate opponents of a nuclear deal with Iran, could celebrate a comeback. He has been warning for decades that Iran could become a nuclear power. Many Israelis see Netanyahu as a kind of security guarantee – for the eventuality that an overthrow of the Iranian regime fails to prevent the worst-case scenario, namely the construction of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

But Israel is also home to other views. The protests, says Iran expert Raz Zimmt from the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, are “likely the most serious domestic policy juncture since 1979, but I believe that a regime collapse remains unlikely.”

And if the protest movement does, in fact, find success? “Many think that would be an improvement,” says Zimmt. “But what if it results in a military dictatorship?”

Zimmt believes “that a return to the nuclear deal is the least bad of all options. There is no other possibility to win time and adapt our policies.”

*The last names of women in Iran have been withheld in this story to protect their identities.
Original News : https://www.spiegel.de/international/world/the-violent-mullahs-unrest-in-iran-sends-waves-of-uncertainty-across-the-region-a-e2ab90a7-b084-424e-8a8e-946dcf8a415c#ref=rss

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