January 28, 2023

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The Courageous Women of Iran: A Lesson for the World

How insincere, then, do assurances sound that one stands behind the demands of the protest movement? Must realpolitik involve such displays of weakness?

Anything that calls attention to the courage of the women in Iran is helpful, even if it is something as seemingly ridiculous as cutting off a small lock of hair. Watching, listening and showing solidarity is more than just pure symbolism.

Perhaps that is why the images from Tehran and other cities have proven inspirational to so many people around the world. We are seeing how much power is released when people overcome their fear. Hopefully, the women of Iran will inspire folks here in Germany to reexamine their fury at their own country and political system, even as concerns about inflation and gas prices continue to build this autumn.

Original News : https://www.spiegel.de/international/world/the-courageous-women-of-iran-a-lesson-for-the-world-a-46d81426-dd61-4e18-aecd-bf61167f1e8b#ref=rss

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