November 29, 2022

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‘Not protest anymore’: Iran on brink as leaders warned ‘revolution’ to end Islamic regime

Iran‘s clerical regime is being confronted with the biggest internal threat since coming to power in the 1979 Islamic revolution amid a wave of demonstrations since the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman in police custody last month. The unrest has led activist Aghileh Djafari Marbini to declare a “revolution” aimed at regime change is now underway within the country.

Ms Marbini told Times Radio: “There’s been protests coming along, every so often for various reasons, factory workers, teachers for various reasons.

“But this is not a protest anymore, I think I would very much like it if people started calling this revolution.

“It is a revolution because it’s across every section of society, men, women, young, old.

“Iran has got many different ethnic groups and people are all together is the first time they’re all provinces in Iran are participating in this is not a protest anymore. It’s a revolution.

“It’s not about the headscarf, it’s about regime change people want they don’t want to live like this anymore.

“People do not want an Islamic regime, telling them how to dress and how to walk. They want to be free they want and that’s essentially what’s happening.”

“I’m not saying this regime is going to change tomorrow. It don’t you know, it’s not, it won’t be long and pathetic,” she continued.

“I mean, it will potentially be long and painful, but this is real this time. “

The provincial security council has said armed dissidents had provoked the clashes, leading to innocent people’s deaths, but admitted “shortcomings” by police.

Rights groups have said at least 250 protesters have been killed and thousands arrested across the country.

A tough crackdown by security forces including the feared Basij militia, which has a track record of crushing dissent, has failed to ease the unrest.

“We’ve seen a lot of ill-treatment … but also harassment of the families of protesters,” Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, told a Geneva press briefing, citing multiple sources.

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