October 6, 2022

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Ukrainian Air Force brings down 4 Russian suicide drones supplied by Iran


Anti-aircraft defence units of the Ukrainian Air Force brought down four Russian Shahed-136 suicide drones, manufactured in Iran, in the skies over Mykolaiv Oblast.

Source: Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote: “Around 20:00 on 22 September, soldiers of the Odesa anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air Force Comman Pivden (South) in Mykolaiv Oblast used two guided medium-range missiles to shoot down four Russian Shahed-136 suicide drones manufactured in Iran.”

Previously: Several instances of Russia using Iranian-manufactured UAVs supplied by Iran have been recorded recently. Russian forces label those drones as Geran-2.

Ukraine is studying the effectiveness of these drones and is devising the most appropriate countermeasures. You can read about how Ukraine’s Air Force intends to oppose these UAVs here.

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Original News : https://news.yahoo.com/ukrainian-air-force-brings-down-190634739.html

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