September 27, 2022

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Iran’s power is growing every day: army commander

TEHRAN— Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Commander of the Iranian Army, noted that the major purpose of the Iranian Armed Forces is to defend the country’s independence and territorial integrity, and that Iran is becoming increasingly powerful on a frequent basis.

On Monday, the Army chief made the statements during a meeting with army cadets and military school professors.

“According to the constitution, the Iranian Army has the mission of protecting the independence and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and you, the future officers and commanders, are such an army and are ready to carry out this very important and vital mission in the best way possible,” Major General Mousavi stated.

“Today, the Iranian army is moving stronger and becoming more powerful over the world, and has not permitted the adversary to take even the slightest step against the country’s freedom,” he added.

Despite the adversaries’ threats, hostilities, and the imposed Iran-Iraq eight-year war, not a single section of Iran’s territory has been breached and will not be harmed, according to the military official.

According to Iranian military authorities, the country’s deterrence power has made foes more hesitant in their activities because they and their interests are within range of Tehran’s weaponry.

Brigadier General Qader Rahimzadeh, Commander of Khatam Al-Anbia Air Defense Base, stated in early September that his men are ready to defend Iran against any potential threats or invasion by opponents.

“Today, the country’s Air Defense sector has made significant progress in strategic, technical, and technological domains, and the result of this defense might is the establishment of security for the noble people of the country,” Brigadier General Rahimzadeh said.

“The launch of the air defense exercises has resulted in the country’s integrated air defense network being at the highest level of preparedness and fighting power,” he stated.

“Given the efforts of air defense forces, the country’s airspace is now considered the safest airspace for the passage of legal flights and the most dangerous sky for potential aggressors who seek to undermine the country’s air and sky security,” the top commander noted.

Iran has consistently warned that any mistake made by the US or Israel will be met with a crushing retaliation from Tehran. Iranian officials believe Washington and Tel Aviv are well aware of Tehran’s capabilities and capabilities, and they warn that Tehran will not compromise or play games with its national security.

Iranian officials have often emphasized the importance of resolving regional crises and difficulties through collective cooperation among regional governments, and that the presence of foreigners is negative.

Tehran has also advised neighboring countries to be wary of any US-Israeli strategy that obviously seeks to disrupt the region’s stability and order.

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