September 27, 2022

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Iran unites to condemn violence, desecration of Islamic values

TEHRAN — Tens of thousands of Friday prayer attendees rallied in Tehran and other cities across Iran to condemn violation of Islamic sanctities as well as recent turmoil and unrest.

In the capital Tehran people condemned insulting the Holy Quran, disrespecting the Islamic dress code for women and setting fire to mosques by rioters.

The demonstrators moved from the University of Tehran’s Friday prayer site to Enghelab Square in downtown Tehran.

During the rally, they yelled chants condemning individuals who violated Islamic laws.

The protesters screamed chants to express their outrage at recent disturbances and degradation.

The tragic death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl who passed while she was in morality police’s custody provoked protests, which were marred by some disturbances and desecrations.

The Iranian people reacted to the sacrilege in other towns and regions to demonstrate their support for the Islamic Revolution and its ideals.

Nevertheless, people of Iran are affectionately mourning the tragic death of the 22-year-old girl, while they have asked top Iranian officials to fully and transparently investigate her death. They are asking Iranian police, president, parliament speaker, and judiciary chief for explanations, as well as observing true justice to whoever caused the tragic incident.

Iran’s top officials have responded positively to the legitimate request of the people and Mahsa’s family, vouching to pursue the case rapidly.

President Ebrahim Raisi called Amini’s family and had a fairly lengthy conversation with her father. “Your daughter and all Iranian girls are my children,” Raisi said, condoling her father. Raisi also said, “I learned about this incident during my trip to Uzbekistan, and I immediately ordered my colleagues to investigate the matter in a specific manner. I assure you that I will follow this issue from the responsible institutions so that all its aspects are clarified and no rights are violated.”

Iranian parliament has set up a committee to thoroughly investigate the unfortunate incident, according to Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.

Worshippers from Mazandaran, Kerman, Zahedan, Isfahan, South Khorasan, Bushehr, Qazvin, Hormozgan, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, Varamin, Pakdasht, Yasuj, and Rasht participated in demonstrations to condemn recent attacks on religious sanctuaries, calling on judiciary officials to arrest and bring the assailants to justice.

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