September 25, 2022

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Weeks ago, the writer said life now relatively normal

FRANKFURT: In an interview conducted just weeks before he was stabbed and wounded by an attacker in New York state, author Salman Rushdie said his life was now “relatively normal”, after having lived in hiding for years because of death threats.
Rushdie talked in the interview with Germany’s Stern magazine about the threats he sees to US democracy. He also called himself an optimist, and noted that the fatwa issued in Iran in 1989 was pronounced long ago. The interview is due to appear in the magazine on August 18, but Stern released it on Saturday, a day after the attack on Rushdie. The interview was conducted about two weeks ago, the magazine’s editorial office said.
Rushdie said he was worried about threats to democracy in the US. These were driven by racism and hatred of the accomplishments of liberalism, and constituted “a preliminary stage of fascism,” he said. “(Donald) Trump’s victory over truth is most important there.”
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