September 29, 2023

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Raisi: Bright path of resistance has paralyzed enemy

TEHRAN— Iran’s President met Ziyad Nakhalah, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine on Thursday.

During the meeting, President Ebrahim Raisi described resistance as the superior and ultimately victorious logic and said, “Today, resistance is both defensible as an idea and has yielded results in the field of action.”

Referring to the developments in the occupied territories, Raisi pointed out that it is not the so-called peace agreements, but the “bright path of resistance” that has made the enemy desperate and paralyzed and the supporters of the resistance approach in the world hopeful.

Referring to the efforts of the Israeli Regime to normalize relations with some countries in the region, Raisi said, “The Zionist Regime thought that by normalizing and establishing relations with these countries, it could create security for itself, while these measures did not create security for the Zionists in any way, and it won’t happen because they don’t possess a correct knowledge and prediction of the region and its future developments.”

The president considered the support of Palestine and the resistance to be the definitive policy of Iran, noting that Tehran has no doubt in realizing the victory of the Palestinian resistance and the liberation of the Holy Quds, which is the dream of martyr Soleimani and all the martyrs of the resistance.

The president further called the support of the nations for the Palestinian issue as the biggest obstacle to the policies of the United States and the Israeli Regime in the region, adding, “Today, the Muslim nations of the region deeply hate the usurping Zionist regime and consider resistance as the main and basic line in confronting this regime.”

For his part, Nakhalah expressed his satisfaction with the meeting with the Iranian president, stating, “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a strong and powerful presence in the region and the world more than ever before, and there is no doubt that the personal approach of the president of Iran in strengthening relations with the countries of the region and standing against the dominators has played a significant role in this field.”

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine continued his remarks by presenting a report on the capabilities and activities carried out in Palestine, and pointed out the inaction of the Israeli regime in confronting the resistance forces, especially in Gaza and the West Bank.

“Today, the Palestinian resistance has a strong presence in Gaza and a prominent presence the West Bank, which in the future will lead to increased pressure on the Zionist regime and changes in the equations in Palestine, and these achievements have been achieved thanks to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Nakhalah noted.

He then expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of some countries in normalizing relations with the Israeli regime.

“Fortunately, the initiative of the Islamic resistance forces in Palestine has affected the goals of the Zionist regime in approaching some Arab countries in the region,” he continued. 

Nakhalah stated that today the axis of resistance excels more powerfully than ever with remarkable achievements, and emphasized, “Undoubtedly, the continuation of this path will lead to the weakening and destruction of the Zionist regime, and thanks to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially Ayatollah Khamenei, victory is near, and God willing, we will all enter al-Quds together.”

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