September 25, 2022

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Northern Iranian village to become destination for organic tourism 

TEHRAN –Shanetarash village in Tonekabon county, the northern province of Mazandaran, is planned to become the country’s top organic tourism destination, the provincial tourism chief has said. 

As part of the empowerment of rural communities, Shanetrash village will become a destination for organic tourism in Mazandaran, Mehdi Izadi explained on Saturday. 

A plan is in place to solve the problems faced by this village, intending to maximize the local potential for business development and tourism economy growth, and empowerment of the local population, the official added. 

Experts believe sustainable development of a destination can be achieved through organic tourism in minor territories as well as the entire country. Organic tourism originated from ecotourism. The focus of ecotourism is exclusively on nature, culture, and farms that are part of this nature and culture. When ecotourism evolves around organic products, it is referred to as organic tourism.

Organic Tourism provides a safe space for individuals and businesses from all levels of the tourism chain – from farmers to hotels and consumers – to work together and learn from each other to create a more sustainable food system where everyone benefits. 

Organic Tourism promotes better health and well-being for individuals and the environment.

Organic tourism primarily targets tourists, tours organized for health, relaxation activities, agriculture education, culture, and gastronomy.


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