November 28, 2022

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Lawmakers insist on passing nuclear document into law: Eslami

TEHRAN – The Iranian lawmakers are insisting on turning the comprehensive document and roadmap for developing the nuclear sector into a law, so that changing governments do not harm the country’s nuclear development path, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) chief Mohammad Eslami announced on Sunday after attending a session of the parliament’s energy committee.

“The Atomic Energy Organization, within the framework of achieving the Leader of the Revolution’s directives and the plans of the current government, took the initiative to prepare the comprehensive document on nuclear energy, which was presented on April 10, 2022,” he said, according to Al Alam.

He added, “In conjunction with that the Atomic Energy Organization was mandated in the budget law for the current year by the Majlis (Parliament) to prepare a comprehensive document and roadmap for the development of the nuclear sector for the next 50 years, and to be approved by the government until the end of this year.” 

The current Iranian year ends on March 20, 2023.

The top nuclear official continued, “During this session, the representatives were mostly looking at quantitative goals, and they had this vision that this document would be turned into law, so that the coming and going of governments would not harm the country’s nuclear development path.”

Eslami pointed out that the AEOI has plans to build more nuclear power stations and increase radiation uses as well as develop and accelerate infrastructure, because his organization wants the impact of nuclear technology to be felt in the living affairs of citizens more and more.

In April, Eslami said the “Comprehensive Strategic Document for Nuclear Development” properly covered the AEOI’s situation as well as the country’s nuclear strategy.

The document included multiple aspects of nuclear technology, the industrialization of Iran in various fields, and issues that have not yet been addressed.

In terms of nuclear power, the document lays the groundwork for the development of power facilities with a capacity of up to 10,000 MW.

The nuclear chief also said that his organization is constructing a 360 MW power plant in Darokhovein, Khuzestan. This factory, according to Eslami, will be built entirely by Iranians.

Eslami’s remarks came at a time when the nuclear talks between Iran and the West have plunged into the unknown due to the U.S.’s unwillingness to make the political decisions necessary to conclude the talks. 

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