September 27, 2022

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Israel cannot escape inevitable decline, Tehran says

TEHRAN – Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, has lambasted Israel for killing innocent Palestinian children, averring that the Israeli regime cannot escape its inevitable decline. 

“15 Palestinian children were martyred in the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza,” the spokesman said on Twitter. 

He added, “The child-killing Israeli regime cannot escape its inevitable fate of failure and decline by killing innocent children.”

Kanaani noted, “Undoubtedly, the brothers and sisters of these children will see the freedom of their homeland from the cruel invaders in the near future. ‘Is the morning not near?’.”

The spokesman also posted a photo of the slain children.

During its recent three-day aggression against the Gaza Strip, Israel killed more than 40 Palestinian civilians, including 15 children. After three days of unprovoked aggression against the Gaza Strip, Israel accepted an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that put an end to its bombing of civilian homes.

The recent flare-up began when Israel started aggression against Gaza with the purpose of eliminating the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.

The Movement issued a statement on Sunday announcing that it agreed to the ceasefire. It underlined its right to respond to any Israeli aggression. Ziyad al-Nakhalah, the secretary-general of the Movement, said the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Movement, led the fighting, which he dubbed “the unity of battlefields.”

Speaking at a press conference held after the announcement of the ceasefire, al-Nakhalah said Israel failed to achieve the goals it set for its recent aggression which is to eliminate the leaders of the Movement.

“The Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip scored an achievement, led by the Islamic Jihad movement… the enemy raised a specific slogan, which is the liquidation of the Islamic Jihad movement and its military arm, but the movement today is stronger than ever,” he said, adding that the resistance movement had the upper hand during the recent flare-up evidenced by its ability to shower Israeli targets with missiles. 

He warned, “If the enemy does not abide by what we agreed on through the Egyptian mediator, we will resume fighting again.”
Iran condemned Israel’s aggression and led diplomatic efforts on Palestine. The Iranian foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, spoke over the phone with many foreign officials about Gaza. 

“The diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in consultation with allies and neighbors, and while condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime, will always defend the active resistance that will prevent the malice of the occupiers,” Amir Abdollahian said in a post on Instagram on Monday. 

“Yesterday, in addition to talks with Qatar’s foreign minister and the UN Secretary General, I held phone talks with foreign ministers of Syria and Lebanon on the Zionist regime’s aggression against the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Amir Abdollahian added, “The diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in consultation with allies and neighbors, and while condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime, will always defend the active resistance that will prevent the malice of the occupiers. We believe those, who once sought to expand their crimes from the Sea to the River, have now built a wall around themselves in complete isolation, and once in a while, to cover up the multi-layered crises inside the occupied territories, launch blind attacks on women and children that are defeated every single time, and while more humiliated than ever before, continue to build walls around themselves. Since the 33-day war up to now, they sought to change the balance of power and to cause fear. Fair and sound observers can bear witness whether they have come out victorious or have been defeated? Truce was established because Zionists only understand the language of power.”

Despite agreeing to the ceasefire, Israel continues to kill Palestinians. Palestine’s state news agency WAFA reported on Tuesday that three Palestinians were killed and more than 40 wounded, some critical, during an Israeli army incursion into the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Citing medical sources, WAFA said three Palestinians who were brought to hospital in very critical condition have died of their wounds, adding that 40 people were wounded by live bullets, some of them were in critical condition.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the dead as Ibrahim Nabulsi, Islam Sabbouh, and Hussein Jamal Taha.


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