September 29, 2023

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Iran’s women’s football team unchanged in FIFA ranking

TEHRAN – Iran’s women’s football team remained unchanged in the latest FIFA ranking released on Friday.

Iran remained in 70th place.

Since 17 June 2022, when the FIFA Women’s World Ranking was last published, no fewer than 221 matches have been played, generating considerable movement in the standings.

The U.S. (1st, -), recent winners of the Concacaf World Championship, remain the team to catch, the Stars and Stripes have a new pursuer in the shape of Germany (2nd, plus 3).

The EURO 2022 runners-up move ahead of Sweden (3rd, minus 1), whose own European title ambitions came to an end in the semi-finals.

The next edition of the FIFA Women’s World Ranking will be published on Oct. 13.

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