December 8, 2022

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Iran promises stern and prompt response to new U.S. sanctions

TEHRAN- No matter who is in the White House, Washington is hooked to the sanctions and utilizes them strategically, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said in reaction to the fresh sanctions the United States has placed on Iran.

Nasser Kanaani said in a statement early on Tuesday that the U.S. domination system is evidenced by the White House’s addiction to sanctions and its instrumental use of them, demonstrating that changing administrations have no impact.

Kanaani went on to say that officials in the Joe Biden administration have frequently referred to the “maximum pressure policy” of former U.S. President Donald Trump as a failed, fruitless strategy. 

However, in action they have continued and even expanded the strategy to the point where they wouldn’t give up the harmful strategy even in ongoing attempts to restart negotiations for Washington’s return to the nuclear agreement with Iran, he pointed out.

The White House’s insistence on sanctions will first be met with a stern and prompt response from Iran, the official said, adding that Tehran will next take whatever necessary steps to mitigate any potential effects on its commerce and economy.

The official further lambasted Washington’s duplicity and ridiculed sympathies by Biden’s special envoy for Iran at a time that the Iranian people have suffered losses and damages as a result of recent floods.

The statement by the Foreign Ministry spokesman comes after the United States sanctioned six organizations in Iran’s oil and petrochemical sectors on Monday.


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