December 8, 2022

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Iran confirms probable new round of nuclear talks

TEHRAN — The Iranian foreign ministry confirmed on Monday that a new round of talks between Iran and P4+1 may be held soon.

This was announced by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani while addressing the press during his weekly briefing.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been creative and has taken initiatives in the negotiation process. We consider the negotiation process as a logical and reasonable process to reach a comprehensive, stable agreement that guarantees Iran’s interests, especially economic interests, within the framework of the JCPOA,” the diplomat stated.

He then pointed out that in recent days various messages containing serious substances were exchanged. 

“In this context, Mr. Borrell proposed a text based on past negotiations and the parties received it, and Iran also received these proposals. The Iranian side has carefully examined the text and presented its own point of view. In this regard, we witnessed the efforts and dynamism of other parties.”

Efforts are being made by the French side to bring the views closer, Kanaani noted, saying that Iran welcomes any initiative that helps to reach an agreement.

“We were always creative and flexible and were present at the negotiating table. After the exchange of messages that happened in the last days and week and the reviews that were done on the proposed texts, there is a possibility that in the near future we will be able to reach a conclusion regarding the timing of the negotiations and probably conduct a new round of negotiations,” he added. 

The spokesman underlined that this depends entirely on the will of the other side, especially the American side, to show its readiness to reach a logical, reasonable and stable agreement.

“We are optimistic that the negotiation process will lead us to logical and reasonable results. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers reaching an agreement as a serious strategy and does not look at the talks as a tactic. It believes that reaching an agreement can provide both our interests and the interests of the other parties,” Kanaani noted. 

U.S. imposed “unnecessary costs” to Iran

The diplomat added, “Iran remained in the JCPOA and the party that left the agreement was the U.S. government, which imposed ‘unnecessary costs’ on Iran and the international community and the members of the agreement. Iran expects the U.S. government to act responsibly and return to the agreement with political will and secure its full interests within the agreement.” 

We follow Iraq’s developments with concern

Elsewhere in the presser, Kanaani responded to a question on the recent events in Iraq, saying that Iraq is Iran’s important neighbor. 

“Naturally, we follow the current developments of this country carefully and with concern. Iran has always emphasized the stability and importance of the establishment and security of this important country as a neighbor, friend and brother, and believes that the security of Iraq is the security of Iran and the region,” the diplomat stated.

“We consider the current developments caused by internal political differences. We believe that Iraq’s parties and political organizations can overcome the current situation within the framework of the constitution and legal mechanisms of this country and in peaceful ways with mutual respect,” Kanaani noted.

The senior diplomat then stated that Iran always respects the choice of the Iraqi people and emphasizes that dialogue is the best way to solve the internal problems of the country. 

“We have this confidence that the brave nation of Iraq, with the maturity they have and the tact we see in the leaders of Baghdad can pass this stage well and witness increasing stability and peace in Iraq,” he noted.

President emphasizes pursuing Iran’s water rights

Kanaani then faced a question on Iran’s unfulfilled water rights from Helmand River, saying that the issue of water rights is a very important issue. 
“The president recently emphasized the necessity of pursuing Iran’s water rights. This is a very important issue for us,” he stated. 

The spokesman went on to note that Tehran considers the issue of water rights based on the agreements between Iran and Afghanistan to be a very important issue.

“We emphasize that the commitment of the interim governing body of Afghanistan to the provisions of the definitive agreements between Iran and Afghanistan regarding the water rights. This is a benchmark and a testing ground for the extent of the commitment of the authorities of this country to common agreements and respecting the rights of neighbors,” he elaborated.

“We are seriously following this issue, and the foreign minister, after the president’s order, spoke with the acting foreign minister of the interim Afghanistan governing body and emphasized the necessity of providing Iran’s water rights.” 

The interim governing body of Afghanistan is expected to fulfill its commitments and remove the existing obstacles and help facilitate providing Iran’s water rights, he pointed out. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has declared its readiness to send its technical delegation to cooperate with the relevant parties in Afghanistan provided there are technical obstacles, and we have declared our readiness for the energy minister’s visit to provide the grounds for the implementation of the agreement,” the diplomat stated. 

The spokesman told the press that Tehran’s expectations from the Taliban has not yet been fulfilled, as the amount of water entering Iran is very small and Iran expects “the brothers in Afghanistan” to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities in this regard.

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