October 6, 2022

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Iran condemns desecration of Islamic sanctities in Hamburg

TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Sunday reacted to the desecration of Islamic sanctities in the German city of Hamburg. 

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani Provocative said the move of a small number of Islamophobes to desecrate the holy Quran and Islamic sanctities in front of the Islamic Center of Hamburg on the day of Tasua which marks the ninth of the month of Muharram is strongly condemned. 

On Sunday afternoon, a small number of extremists gathered in front of Hamburg’s Islamic Center and desecrated the Holy Quran and chanted slogans against revered Islamic figures and officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to Nour News. 

Kanaani stressed that this act of desecration is a gross example of sedition and hate-mongering and is strongly deplorable to all Muslims, monotheists, those with a clear conscience and believers in coexistence and interfaith dialog.

He further warned of the dangerous consequences of such flagrant and seditious acts. Kanaani added that such sacrilegious moves against Islamic sanctities are another version of extremism and Takfiri-Daeshi violence. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the governments that proclaim to be defenders of human rights, freedom and democracy bear the responsibility to take decisive and deterrent action against such extremist moves.

Kanaani said the German government is accountable for the regrettable event and emphasized that “we are waiting for an immediate, harsh and clear response from Germany to those behind this insulting move.”

He added, “We also expect Berlin to take immediate legal action to prevent the repetition of such acts.”

These seditious moves that are orchestrated by the global arrogance and Zionism, once again highlight the importance of unity and solidarity more than ever before in the face of conspiracies by the enemies of Islam Kanaani said in the end.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/475440/Iran-condemns-desecration-of-Islamic-sanctities-in-Hamburg

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