October 6, 2022

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High-ranking officials express solidarity with Palestinians

TEHRAN — High-ranking Iranian officials have expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, condemning the aggressions of the Israeli regime.

Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s First Vice President, stated that the current attacks by the Israeli regime on the Gaza Strip are the outcome of U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent travel to the West Asia region.

The U.S. president’s tour to the region has emboldened the Zionist regime to continue its cruel attacks on the Gaza Strip, Mokhber said on the sidelines of the Ashura mourning ritual on Monday. 

The renewed bombardment of Gaza also indicates that Israel is facing internal crises, but such attacks will end up cementing unity among Muslims and resistance movement groups, the vice president said.

He noted that efforts made by the Israeli regime and its regional and global partners illustrate how much the resistance movement’s might has improved, describing Iran as a faithful backer of oppressed Palestinian people and resistance organizations.

The first vice president further emphasized that resistance is the only way to defeat the occupiers, expressing confidence that the holy Quds region will be liberated soon with God’s assistance and struggle of the Palestinian youths.

In response to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched hundreds of rockets into the occupied territories.

Parliament Speaker: Anti-Zionist morale in Muslim nations higher than ever

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf also said anti-Zionist morale in Muslim nations is much higher than before, noting the cruel enemies should be aware that the fire of resistance of soldiers will rain down on the heads of Zionist invaders.

“They launched a military invasion on Gaza and began assassinating Palestinian resistance commanders with the help of the U.S. and other barbaric governments, once again displaying their blood thirsty, criminal aggressive face of themselves and their supporters,” he added.

The Parliament speaker stated that the Palestinians and the Islamic Ummah in general will not allow this atrocity by the Tel Aviv regime go unpunished.

Response to such atrocities through coordinated move by all Palestinian groups will astound the Zionist regime and its allies.

Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, has lambasted Israel for killing innocent Palestinian children, averring that the Israeli regime cannot escape its inevitable decline. 

“15 Palestinian children were martyred in the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza,” the spokesman said on Twitter. 

He added, “The child-killing Israeli regime cannot escape its inevitable fate of failure and decline by killing innocent children.”

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