October 6, 2022

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An adventurous story in “Iranian Relationship”

The topic of this book, written by Ali Moazeni, is connected to community relations. 

This novel is the story of Mehrdad, a man who under the Pahlavi dynasty was compelled to complete his study in America where he later married a local woman. The troubles at the heart of this story are brought about by his return to Iran during the revolution and the presentation of Randy, his wife, to the family. In a matter of hours, Randy’s meeting with Mehrdad’s family causes their relationship to fall apart.

The choice of the narrator in this story, like in other stories by Moazeni, shows remarkable insight. Randy, a character who eventually returns to America and continues her life, is the one who begins the story, and Mehrdad is the one who will stick around for you and let you in on the secret of how their marriages fell apart.

It’s smart that the author in this book emphasizes the cultural differences rather than placing the blame on Randy, who grew up in American culture. Even though it has been a long time after the revolution, this novel is still interesting and draws readers in.

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