November 28, 2022

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A review of the book “We are the Children of Iran”

The latest book by Davood Amirian, “We are the Children of Iran,” is a collection of amusing stories about the imposed war. 

Amirian humorously and sweetly described his experiences of the training phase during the imposed war in this book, which was published by Soore Mehr.

The author is introduced at the beginning of this book before the plot begins to unfold. You can read the sweet and interesting memories of a young man from his training in the 21st army camp of Hamza Seyyed al-Shohada (AS) and during the Iran-Iraq war in this book, which is created for the adolescent age group and written in a fictional style.

The memories included his childhood, using a different birth certificate because he was too young to be sent to the front, bitter and cheerful experiences of the training phase with other sent people who were mainly his own age or younger, attending religious classes, officials disarming guards as part of a predetermined plan, conflicts with officials, being punished and encouraged, etc.

The 5th Holy Defense Book Festival in 2000 selected this book as the best book for the diary genre.

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