August 14, 2022

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Tehran, Moscow agree on expansion of monetary, banking co-op

TEHRAN- During the trip of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Ali Saleh-Abadi to Moscow and his meetings with the Russian officials, the two sides agreed on the expansion of cooperation in the monetary and banking fields.

In this trip, Saleh-Abadi met Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, the country’s Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, the governor of Central Bank of Russian Federation, and senior directors of some major Russian banks.

Issues related to joint investment making, and the ways to expand monetary and banking cooperation and remove barriers in this due were the main pivots of negotiations in this trip.

Saleh-Abadi also discussed expansion of ties between the banks of two sides with the senior directors of Russian major banks.

In his meeting with CBI governor, Novak said the expansion of economic ties and investment making between Iran and Russia is a priority and necessity and announced his country’s readiness in this due.

He said there are many proper fields for the expansion of economic and investment making relations between the two countries and banking agreements are of significance in this due to lay the required grounds.


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