June 3, 2023

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Na’in’s centuries-old bazaar undergoes restoration 

TEHRAN – Restoration work has begun on the centuries-old bazaar of Na’in, an oasis town in the central Iranian plateau.

Cobblestone alleys and arched entrances are among the elements of the ancient market that will be put back into use, CHTN quoted a local tourism official as saying Saturday.

The bazaar stretches 340 meters in length in a curved line from the gate of Chehel Dokhtaran to the mosque of Khajeh Khezr and is connected to the centers of the city’s neighborhoods through the main alleys as well as side alleys.

The role of the bazaar in the ancient Islamic world was vividly described in the folktales of “One Thousand and One Nights”.

Distinctive architecture characterized some bazaars—such as those built at Kashan and Isfahan in Iran in the 17th century. They were usually roofed for protection against the hot desert sun, either with a single roof, with individual vaulted cupolas or domes, or with awnings.

People-watching and even mingling with them in the bazaars is one of the best ways to take the pulse of the country. Bazaars have traditionally been major economic and social centers in any Iranian city.

Na’in is one of the oldest continuous settlements in central Iran, located at the junction of the desert road to Tabas and Mashhad. The city has been an important crossroads on converging trade routes for thousands of years. It is well regarded for its handicrafts as well.


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/475234/Na-in-s-centuries-old-bazaar-undergoes-restoration

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