November 28, 2022

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Iranian, Chinese presidents hold talks on solidifying strategic coordination

TEHRAN – In a 60-minute phone conversation on Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi discussed significant global and regional developments while highlighting the importance of expanding and fortifying strategic cooperation.

During the conversation, Raisi and Jinping viewed U.S. interference in other nations’ internal affairs as detrimental and the outcome of Washington’s unilateralist policy, which has turned into a severe danger to international peace and security.

According to the Iranian president, one of Tehran’s key foreign policy tenets is to respect other nations’ national sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

Within that context, Tehran backs the robust China policy as a fundamental element of its foreign policy, Raisi remarked.

Raisi also emphasized Iran’s steadfast desire to expand its comprehensive relations with China, regardless of any developments on the global stage, contending that independent cooperation of nations based on securing their own national interests is the proper pattern of good governance in regional and global settings.

The Iranian president went on to highlight that the new international order must prioritize justice and fairness, and any attempt by the U.S. to bring back the Cold War era in the global arena is evidence of the declining U.S. hegemony.

The president emphasized that “this approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided the required basis for collective security in West Asia, and can be a good pattern for strengthening regional political trust and economic development.” This was in response to the Chinese president praising the Iranian government’s policy of expanding relations and cooperation with neighboring countries and its outstanding results so far.

He also stressed how crucial it is for Iran to ensure the safe navigation and transfer of energy within the same framework.

Raisi also pointed to the ongoing negotiations to restore the 2015 nuclear deal, saying a “political decision” is needed by the American side as the only party that violated the nuclear agreement.

It is also essential that the U.S. terminate illegal sanctions on Iran and third parties, he stressed.

Furthermore, Raisi applauded strengthening global economic cooperation in extra-regional and regional accords like BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Presidents Raisi and Xi concurred on strategies for rapid expansion of cooperation and swift implementation of the provisions of the 25-year Iran-China partnership. They were both pleased with initiatives aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation and increasing annual bilateral trade during the previous year.

The Chinese president also praised the efforts made by Raisi’s administration to strengthen bilateral, regional, and global cooperation with China.

The Chinese leader emphasized the value of Iran’s constructive contribution to maintaining regional peace while reiterating Beijing’s opposition to using political pressure and unilateralist strategies.

He also stressed the strategic importance of China’s relations with Iran, saying that his country is determined to expand and improve its critical bilateral strategic cooperation, notably in the area of security.

He continued by saying that both nations still have a long way to go until the 25-year partnership is fully implemented.

Accordingly, Xi said he would give the necessary instructions for the development of comprehensive strategic partnership with Iran, especially in the area of the economy.

According to the 25-year Iran-China comprehensive strategic partnership, China will invest a whopping $400 billion in various Iranian sectors including oil and gas. In exchange, Iran will ensure steady energy supplies to China for a period of 25 years at a discounted rate.


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