August 11, 2022

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Iran ready to boost cooperation with Tunisia: president

TEHRAN – In a phone conversation with his Tunisian counterpart, Kais Saied, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi voiced Tehran’s readiness to promote cooperation with Tunisia. 

Stating that Iran considers the success and progress of the beloved nation of Tunisia as its own progress and success, Raisi said, “Iran is ready to expand and strengthen cooperation and relations with the brotherly and Muslim country of Tunisia,” according to a readout of the call put out by the Iranian presidency.

“I hope that with the blessings of this great holiday, we will see the mercy and blessings of God for the two nations and the Islamic community, and we are ready to expand and strengthen cooperation and relations with the brotherly and Muslim country of Tunisia,” he said.

Ayatollah Raisi emphasized, “We are ready to cooperate in various issues of the world of Islam, including defending the rights of the Palestinian nation.”

In the telephone conversation, President Saied, for his part, congratulated Raisi on Eid al-Adha and offered his most sincere congratulations to him and the people of Iran.

“Iran and Tunisia have had good historical relations based on cultural and common civilizational grounds, and I appreciate your efforts to improve and strengthen cooperation and interactions between the two countries,” the Tunisian president remarked.

The Tunisian presidency said the presidents of Iran and Tunisia exchanged Eid greetings. “This call was an opportunity for the two presidents to express their common interest in supporting relations between the two countries for the good and interest of the two brotherly peoples,” the official account of the Tunisian presidency said on Facebook. 

Iran and Tunisia enjoy good relations. In December 2020, then-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appreciated the good positions of the Republic of Tunisia in supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran in international forums, especially in dealing with the oppressive actions and sanctions of the U.S. against Iran, while receiving the letter of credence of the Tunisian ambassador to Tehran.

Rouhani stated that the Republic of Tunisia, as a Muslim, brotherly, friendly and important country in Northern Africa, can be the gateway for the Islamic Republic of Iran to Northern Africa and Europe.

He stressed, “Tehran-Tunisia relations have been good and developing after the revolution in the country, and there is a sense of closeness between the two countries.”

The ambassador of Tunisia to Tehran, Samir al-Mansour, in turn, said, “The Republic of Tunisia has a deep will and special attention to developing comprehensive relations with Iran as a friendly, brotherly and Muslim country, and Tunisia can serve as a platform for Iran’s relations with Europe and Africa.”

Referring to the historical relations between the two nations, he stated, “The Tunisian people have a special interest in Iran and we are ready to deepen bilateral relations at all levels.”

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