August 17, 2022

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French company withdraws film from Israeli festival upon Iranian producer’s request

TEHRAN – MPM Premium, a Paris-based company that handles the global sales for “Until Tomorrow”, has withdrawn the Iranian film from an Israeli festival following a request by the film’s producer.

Earlier last week, some Persian news websites announced that the film produced by Niki Karimi was scheduled to compete in the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Speaking to the Persian service of MNA, director Ali Asgari said that his film was submitted to the festival by the French company, which was not informed about Iran’s law forbidding films from participating in any Israeli event.

“For the French company, Israel is a country, with which it has had relations for years, but we do not consider it as such, and I personally had no interest in having my film screened at this festival,” he noted.

“When we were informed about the film’s entry to the festival, Mrs. Karimi sent an email to the company and requested that they withdraw the film from the festival,” Asgari added.

He said that the company has apologized for the oversight and promised to withdraw the film from the festival.

The Jerusalem Film Festival, which will take place from July 21 to 31, had arranged three screenings for the film. 

A co-production of Iran, France and Qatar, “Until Tomorrow” had its world premiere at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival.

The film follows Fereshteh who is studying and works at a printers’ shop in Tehran. 

She wants to go to the U.S. but is having trouble finding the time for a language course. This is because she also has a two-month-old baby that her parents know nothing about. 

When they announce at short notice that they are coming to visit, Fereshteh has to find another place for one night for her illegitimate child and everything that would give away her existence. 

What at first seems resolvable with a phone call to a few friends soon develops into a difficult undertaking. Fereshteh’s quick-witted friend Atefeh offers her support, but their ensuing odyssey through the city only reveals to the pair how limited their options are.

Photo: Ghazal Shojaei (L) and Sadaf Asgari act in a scene from “Until Tomorrow”.


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