June 30, 2022

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Tehran to host intl. conference on energy saving, efficiency

TEHRAN – An international exhibition and conference on energy saving and efficiency (Iran Energy Saving Conference 2022) will be held from August 20 to 21, Mehr reported.

This international conference, with the maximum participation of policymakers, executive and industrial activists, knowledge-based companies, academics, and scientific researchers, can be the largest gathering in this important field to think together and provide a solution for developing energy efficiency in the country.

Held with the support of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, the event aims to respond to the technical, economic, social, political, security, and cultural complexities of energy efficiency in the country.

Moreover, it will investigate energy efficiency in an integrated manner throughout the energy chain, including production, transmission, distribution, consumption, and storage of electricity, heat, fuel, and food, creating coordination of different sectors of oil, power, industry, roads and urban planning, environment, science, and technology; to provide policy solutions.

UNDP partnership

According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Iran is among the 10 largest emitters of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the world, and the residential and commercial building sectors are the main contributors to this challenge. Increasing energy efficiency in existing and new buildings contributes significantly to reducing emissions and addressing climate change.

UNDP has partnered with the Government and Tehran Municipality to improve the energy efficiency by 25% for existing buildings and by 60% for new buildings. To overcome this challenge, UNDP has partnered with the Government and Tehran Municipality to improve the energy efficiency by 25% for existing buildings and by 60% for new buildings.

The initiative consists of 190 pilot projects in residential, public, and office buildings. Energy use audits and digital information system and a market-based financial instrument are three key components and incentives to engage the public and expand the initiative.

Smart control and monitoring systems are being installed in buildings paving the way for smart buildings. Smart building solutions improve sustainability and energy efficiency and through gathered data from smart sensors and meters, building management systems provide efficiency through improvements in lighting, fire, and security systems. These buildings also enhance personal safety, comfort, and security.

To promote a cleaner environment, issuing a tradable “white certificate” is also among the goals of this project. White certificates are issued for achieving a minimum of energy savings. 

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) implement energy efficiency retrofit projects in residential or public buildings through guaranteed or shared-based savings contracts. 

Energy Monitoring and Information System (EMIS) will capture the amount of saved energy and consequently, the output from energy efficiency projects will be linked to the Iranian energy efficiency and environment market (E3M) through the white certificates that can be traded in the stock market and the high tariff energy consumer will be able to buy the demanded energy from energy sellers i.e. the building owners. This way, a cycle of green financing is shaped in energy efficiency while the amount of C02 emission will be decreased simultaneously by applying energy-efficient solutions. 



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