August 17, 2022

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Sagz Abad pottery culture appears in new book 

TEHRAN – Iran’s Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) has recently published a book on the prehistoric pottery culture of Sagz Abad, an ancient site in Buin Zahra county, west-central Qazvin province. 

Authored by Iranian researcher Mohammad Rahim Saraf, the book explores the collection of painted and simple pottery found during illegal excavations in the ancient area, CHTN reported on Monday. 

The historical site of Tepe Sagz Abad is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the whole world. It was mentioned by Venetian explorer and writer Marco Polo in the 13th century; however, it seems the site is much older as several Iron Age relics have been discovered during several excavations in the region.

Once the capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids from 1548-98, Qazvin is currently a major tourist destination with wonderfully restored historical sites, some quirky museums, and a handful of decent eating options.


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