June 25, 2022

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S.I.P.R.In: Pres. Raisi calling himself sacrificer of people notable

In an interview with IRNA, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “Iran, once the backyard of enemies, has now become the regional power”.

Referring to the deadlock that the US, France, Germany, and the UK face today, he noted that France is going to be destroyed, and if it were not for the pressure of the Zionists and their military power, the US would have fallen apart till now.

While the purpose of the Revolution led by late Imam Khomeini was to establish an Islamic system that seeks to establish justice and equality among the people, he highlighted that Iranian domestic and foreign enemies have tried a lot to put people under economic, psychological pressure, and make them tired of the Islamic revolution and oppose the system.

Referring to so-called revolutionaries that have resorted to aristocracy during Imam Khomeini era and sought social and political power, he said that those so-called revolutionaries created an ominous movement through their families and relatives, and achieved the administration and power, which later led to several treacherous and saboteur governments implementing the hostile plans and goals of foreign enemies. They ruined culture, economy and made people disgruntled.

He pointed out that the enemy, through their domestic servants, some of whom even had the power to influence the government, tried to endanger Iran’s independence, dignity and falsely replace the views of Imam Khomeini with propaganda through the international media telling that it was not possible to stop relations with Western enemies  forever.

He emphasized that Imam Khomeini’s political and revolutionary line is the only way to preserve the independence and dignity of the nation and the country, and added that the people’s attainment of the welfare, prosperity, and progress of the country depends on it.

Pointing to the 13th government in Iran and the presidency of Ebrahim Raisi, he reiterated that when the president tells the people that “I am your sacrifice and I have come to be your servant is very important”.

The 13th government in Iran has come on the basis of a sense of duty and can succeed because it has good faith, loves people, and wants to serve them, he underscored.


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