June 25, 2022

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Raisi: I will travel to Nur-Sultan

TEHRAN — Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who officially welcomed Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at Saadabad Palace on Sunday, said he will make a reciprocal visit Kazakhstan at the appropriate time.

At the ceremony, after the national anthems of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kazakhstan were played, the presidents of the two countries reviewed the honor guards and then introduced their accompanying high-ranking delegations to each other.

Holding talks with the Iranian president, attending a meeting of high-ranking delegations of the two countries, signing several cooperation documents and memoranda of understanding were among the plans of the Kazakhstan president’s one-day visit to Tehran.

After the welcoming ceremony, 9 MOUs were signed between the two countries at the presence of the two presidents.

Later, the two presidents held a joint presser.

“Over the past 30 years, we have had good relations with our neighbor and friend, Kazakhstan, but these relations were not enough,” President Raisi said during the presser.

Noting that there are many capacities in Iran and Kazakhstan that can provide the basis for improving relations between the two countries, he added, “The signing of agreements today or in the past is an important sign of the two countries’ will to develop relations between the two countries.

Iranian citizens will be able to travel to Kazakhstan without visa for 14 days. 

The president stated that trade relations between the two countries have increased by more than 50 percent in recent months, and the level of these relations can certainly increase even more.

“We can increase the volume of trade at the current level to $3 billion in the first step,” he suggested. 

According to Raisi, Tehran and Nur-Sultan can establish extensive relations in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy, transit and oil and gas. 

“The cultural and civilizational context of the two countries demands that we make more efforts for the cultural development of the two countries,” the president reiterated. 

He then went on to discuss the bilateral talks between Tokayev and himself, noting, “Today’s series of talks paved the way for the two countries to work together.” 

“In addition to bilateral relations, we are determined to expand regional relations between the two countries,” he stressed.

Exemplifying his remarks, Raisi said, “Cooperation between the two countries in regional organizations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Union could increase in the region.”

The president further noted that cooperation with the neighbors in the Caspian Sea is a priority for Iran. 

“We intend to increase cooperation in this field. In addition to regional cooperation, the two countries are building on international organizations, and international cooperation and steps are being taken,” he asserted.

“Iran, Kazakhstan share common view on regional and global issues”

Moving on to regional consensus, Raisi stated that Tehran and Nur-Sultan share a common view on regional and global issues.

“For example, there is a consensus on Afghanistan and the need for the formation of an inclusive government. We both agree that the presence of foreigners in the region does not create security and will cause many problems. We also believe that the leaders of the region can solve the problems of the region and the knot of the region will only be untied by the regional countries,” he opined.

Emphasizing that the problems of the West Asian region and all regions should be solved by regional countries, the president said, “The presence of foreigners in different regions adds to the problems of those regions and will not help solve the problems.”

Concluding his part of the presser, the president thanked Tokayev, saying, “I will travel to Kazakhstan at the appropriate time in response to his official invitation.”

Tehran-Nur-Sultan diplomatic relations are developing

For his part, the Kazakh president thanked Iran, noting, “Our relationship in the diplomatic field is now progressing and Mr. Raisi has a great share in it.”

He went on to say that during Raisi’s tenure Iran-Kazakhstan cooperation and friendship has become stronger and has flourished in the cultural field.
“We also have good cooperation in the framework of regional structures,” Tokayev stated.

He added that extensive talks were held today and many issues were raised.

The Kazakh president also noted that both sides are interested in using the transit capacity, and in this regard, the corridors that connect the East to the West and the North to the south are of special importance.

“We also had talks with Iran in the field of agriculture, which will lead to the improvement of relations between Kazakhstan and Iran,” Tokayev said.
The Kazakh leader added, “Iran is the hub of ancient civilization and an important partner in the Islamic world.”
He also said Iranians will now be able to travel to Kazakhstan without visa for 14 days. 

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