June 3, 2023

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Pres. Raisi: Tehran, Caracas enjoy good capacities to improve relations

President Raisi met and held talks with Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday in Tehran, Iran.

Describing relations with Venezuela in various fields as strategic, President Raisi said that Venezuela, as an independent state, resisted against the threats and sanctions of imperialism in an exemplary manner.

He described the basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy as the development of relations with independent and friendly countries.

Stating that the Iranians have always been under sanctions and pressure for 43 years, he highlighted that Iranians have decided to turn these sanctions into an opportunity for the country’s progress.

The Americans have officially admitted that maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed, which it means the victory of the Iranians and the defeat of the US and the enemies of Iran.

Raisi said the Venezuelan government and nation’s resistance to harsh pressures and sanctions, the country’s overcoming super-inflation, and the resumption of economic growth in the country is a good sign that it proves to everyone, that resistance against the enemies can be a good solution.

Describing relations with Venezuela in various fields as strategic, President Raisi underscored that Tehran and Caracas have good capacities and grounds for enhancing relations, noting that today the two countries have constructive cooperation in the field of energy, thermal power plants, repair and overhaul of Venezuelan refineries, export of technical and engineering services, economic, as well as agricultural fields.

Nicolas Maduro, for his part, referred to the signed 20-year cooperation document between the two states and added that it provides a clear perspective of the path forward in relations between Iran and Venezuela.
He highlighted that Venezuela is interested in using Iran’s historical experience, as well as its capabilities in various fields to pass through unilateral sanctions times plus increasing cooperation and relations between the two countries.

Pointing to the various fields of cooperation between the two states, including oil, gas, refinery, and petrochemicals, he pointed out that Venezuela calls for expanding cooperation with Iran in the fields of technology for developing agricultural production in Venezuela.


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