August 11, 2022

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Nature lovers clean millennia-old cave in Iranian plateau 

TEHRAN – A cleaning project has been recently completed on the millennia-old cave of Chal-Nakhjir and its surrounding area in the central province of Markazi, the provincial tourism chief has said. 

“The project was carried out in collaboration with a group of environmental and tourism fans,” Mostafa Marzban explained on Saturday. 

The project was aimed to promote a culture of respect for the environment and nature, the official added. 

The Chal-Nakhjir Cave, which is estimated to date back to 70 million years ago, has been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

Exploring a cave may not be on the “to-do list” of travelers in Iran. However, Karaftu, Ali-Sadr and Quri Qaleh, and Katale-Khor are among the most visited caves.

Iran is geologically a part of the Alpine-Himalayan organic belt. According to Britannica Encyclopedia, the enigmatic evidence of human presence on the Iranian plateau is as early as Lower Paleolithic times.

The first well-documented evidence of human habitation is in deposits from several excavated cave and rock-shelter sites, located mainly in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran and dated to Middle Paleolithic or Mousterian times (c. 100,000 BC).

Markazi province is considered the industrial capital of the country. It is rich in natural, historical, cultural, and religious attractions.

Hand-woven carpets and kilims, made in its cities including Farahan, Sarugh, Lilivan, Senejan, and Vafs are known internationally.


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