August 17, 2022

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Legacy of Hossein Taeb

TEHRAN – In a regular intelligence reshuffle, the Islamic Republic of Iran appointed new heads and commanders for a number of intelligence and security agencies. Despite the fact that the new appointments were made in line with regular procedures, Israeli and Western media launched an extensive propaganda campaign against the motives behind them. 

Among the new decisions, the end of Hossein Taeb’s tenure as the director of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ Intelligence Organization (IRGC-IO) drew special attention and coverage from Western and Israeli media. They sought to portray Taeb’s tenure at the IRGC-IO as a move driven by Iranian suspicion over alleged Israeli infiltration in the intelligence organization. 

In parallel, they went so far as to claim that Taeb was under arrest after his alleged “ouster.” But Taeb, appearing at a handover ceremony for the new head of the IRGC-IO, debunked all the bizarre stories propagated by Israeli media that he is under house arrest. On the contrary, Taeb was appointed as an advisor to the commander of the IRGC. 

During the last 20 years, Taeb’s name has been frightening for many dissidents and corrupt figures, as well as for the enemy’s agents and intelligence services all around the world. He was emblematic of the existence of a great obstacle in the way of infiltration into the Iranian government. Among his numerous worthy actions, the following can be mentioned:

•   He facilitated the prosecution of hundreds of economic heavyweights implicated in corruption and took back the nation’s billions of tomans in assets from them.

•    He identified and arrested dozens of spies and enemy moles in the country and restored a significant part of Iran’s blocked assets abroad.

•    He also led the fight against political corruption and corrupt figures including the brothers of the former president and his vice president who were brought to trial. Also, he chased and arrested counter-revolutionary elements such as Ruhollah Zam who was brought to justice. 

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, it has been proven that with the replacement of managers and commanders, there will be no change in strategic policies and red lines, and Taeb’s departure from the IRGC intelligence organization can’t be a pleasure because he has created an offensive structure that will result in the annihilation of the Zionist regime and the restriction of the internal and external opposition to the Islamic Republic.

All in all, Taeb left the IRGC-IO but his legacy will live on. After more than a decade of being at the service of the Islamic Republic, he naturally left his job and will continue to serve the Islamic Republic in his new capacity as advisor to the commander of the IRGC. 

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