May 30, 2023

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Israelis not allowed to spearhead ‘maximum blackmail game’ against Iran: top negotiator

TEHRAN – Iran’s top negotiator in the Vienna talks, Ali Bagheri Kani, has vowed to prevent Israel from legitimizing its anti-Iran campaign. 

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Bagheri Kani offered insights into Iran’s foreign policy and the best ways to secure its national interests.

“The same Iran which managed to defeat the U.S. ‘maximum pressure campaign’, will not allow the Zionists to legitimize Iranophobia and anti-Iran campaign by spearheading the ‘maximum blackmail game’,” he said on Twitter. 

He added, “We shan’t spend foreign policy treasures for the success of diplomacy; instead, we will sacrifice ourselves to achieve foreign policy objectives.”

Bagheri Kani described himself as a “soldier of the field of diplomacy” who won’t shy away from facing criticism.

“As the soldiers in the field of diplomacy, our listening ear welcomes all ‘constructive criticism’ and our heart is fully open to all ‘biting criticism’,” he added. 

He went further to discuss the elements of Iran’s successful diplomacy. “’Diversity in trade interactions and parties’, ‘stability of economic relations’ and ‘instrumentation of economic relations’ constitute the main elements of economic diplomacy of the foreign policy apparatus,” he said, adding, “The ‘strategic intelligence’, ‘decision-making courage’ and ‘power of action’ vested in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of foreign policy showcase the successful model of Iranian diplomacy.”

He also underlined the need for national consensus on foreign policy. 

“National conviction, consensus and synergy’ which revolve around the core issues of foreign policy, are respectively the three necessary steps to ensure the ‘success of foreign policy’ and ‘acceleration of the train of diplomacy’,” he said. 

He also pointed out to the disadvantages of lack of awareness in foreign policy, saying, “The damage caused by ‘a lack of awareness in foreign policy’ is no less than that of ‘paying lip service in foreign policy’.” 

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