August 17, 2022

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Iran’s military chief issues stark warning on Israeli CENTCOM membership

TEHRAN — Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, has issued a stark warning against the Israeli regime’s membership in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM).

Bagheri made the remarks in a meeting with Nadeem Reza, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pakistan Army, in Tehran on Monday.

The military chief labeled the Israeli regime as the ringleader of “interventions” and the cause of “instability” in the region.

The Israeli regime is trying to establish relations with the countries of the region to achieve its interventionist goals by implementing its plans, the general pointed out.

He said the Israeli regime’s membership in CENTCOM and its moves in deploying equipment and participating in the exercises are a stepping stone for creating threats to the region, adding, “We will not tolerate these threats and we will certainly give responses to them.”

Regarding the United States and the Israeli regime’s interventions in the region, the top military official pointed out that the formation of terrorist and Takfiri groups in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq, is another case that the U.S. and the Israeli regime have created in the region. 

“Iran and Pakistan have significant potential”

The top Iranian military official also praised the growing interactions between Iran and Pakistan in the military field.

“We believe that the two countries have significant potential. In the past 5 years, we have witnessed many interactions and exchanges between the military officials of Iran and Pakistan,” Bagheri stated.

General Bagheri continued by saying that the issue of border security between Tehran and Islamabad has been one of the most important issues between the two capitals.

“During my visit to Pakistan, I have seriously pursued common issues between the two countries, especially in the field of border security,” the top military official reiterated. 

Bagheri added that Iran’s approach to the development of relations with neighbors is “one of a kind” and this important issue has been strengthened in the Raisi government and is developing.

The top military official continued, “In recent years, military relations between Iran and Pakistan have developed significantly, which has led to security and efficiency in the economic development of the two countries.”

Bagheri went on to note that the geographical region, where Iran and Pakistan are located, is “very important and sensitive.”

“The Yemen war is a tragedy”

Referring to the developments in Yemen, Bagheri called the Yemeni war a “tragedy”, noting, “Another issue in our region is the tragedy of Yemen, which has been ongoing for a long time, and this process must end immediately.”

The war on Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and supported logistically by the U.S., started on March 2015.

The humanitarian disaster resulting from the war has been described by the United Nations as the worst of its kind in modern history.

On April 2, Yemen and Saudi Arabia agreed on a two-month truce under the efforts of UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg.  On June 2, the sides extended the truce for another two months. Iran has welcomed the truce.

Iran pays attention to oppressed people of Kashmir

Elsewhere in the meeting, Bagheri went on to underline that the issue of Kashmir is another issue of the Islamic world and Iran’s position in this regard is the same of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. 

Iran pays attention to supporting the oppressed and Muslim people, he added. 

NATO expansion is a threat to Russia’s security

Elsewhere in his remarks, Bagheri pointed out that the war between Russia and Ukraine will definitely affect the region and the world, calling NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders “a threat to the country’s security.”

He then expressed hope the two sides would “resolve the issues through dialogue.”

Russia launched a military attack on neighboring Ukraine on February 24 to what Moscow called “de-Nazify” the country. However, some believe that Kyiv’s reproachment to the U.S.-led NATO alliance was the chief reason for the attack.   

Afghanistan issue very important for Iran and Pakistan

Referring to Afghanistan as one of the priorities of Tehran and Islamabad, General Bagheri said, “Afghanistan is one of the most influential issues between Iran and Pakistan.

Given the situation in Afghanistan, the participation of other ethnic groups will play a constructive role in creating security and stability in the future of this country.”

Iran has been insisting for an inclusive government in Afghanistan. It has conditioned its recognition of the interim Taliban government to involving all ethnic and religious groups in the government. 

General Bagheri added that Tehran is concerned about the spread of terrorism in some areas of Afghanistan. 

“We also have plans in this regard and we believe that these issues and problems can be solved with the cooperation of Iran and Pakistan, and there is no need for foreign intervention,” he concluded. 

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