June 25, 2022

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Iranian MP: IAEA approach is based on arrogant powers’ will

Azizi is the Vice-president of the Iranian Parliament’s Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy.

He told IRNA that the West’s standoff with Iran is not because of the country’s nuclear energy program.

“Their main problem is with Iran’s political system which is based on religious thoughts and its people’s resistance against arrogance powers,” Azizi added.

He referred to the trip of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Israel, which took place less than a week before the agency’s Board of Governors adopted its resolution against Iran on June 8.

The Iranian MP said that over the past years, the IAEA stance has changed from a technical, professional and specialized one to a political approach based on the will of the global arrogance.

He added that the views recently taken by the IAEA are indicative of the Zionist regime’s stance.

Azizi also criticized European countries for misusing the IAEA and acting politically under the US and Zionist lobby’s will.

He said that Iran over the years has extensively cooperated with the IAEA, but the agency’s behavior has not been cooperative, and this shows that the IAEA does not care about the nuclear issue.

The resolution, drafted by the United States and its three European allies, the UK, Germany and France, expressed concern over “the presence of nuclear material at three undeclared Iranian sites”, demanding the country fully cooperate with the agency.

In response to the resolution, Iran disconnected 27 ultra-safeguards cameras at one of its sites.

The parliamentarian said that it was the least and best measure that Iran carried out, stressing that the country defends its rights based on a firm stance and will resist excessive demands by the arrogant powers.


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