June 25, 2022

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Four countries import Iranian nanocosmetics

TEHRAN – An Iranian company has used nanoparticles in cosmetic products and has succeeded in exporting them to four countries of Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

The industry has three different segments personal care, cosmeceutical, and make-up, and nanotechnology has entered all three segments.

The use of nanotechnology in this industry is usually done for three purposes treatment, quality improvement of current products, and prevention of negative effects (such as sun rays).

Nano liposomes are used in the production of toothpaste, deodorants, anti-wrinkle, and lightening creams, which are being produced by this company.

 Nanotech products

Currently, nanotech products are produced and marketed in more than 15 industrial fields based on domestic technologies and are being exported to 49 countries from five continents.

Bases for exporting nanoproducts to China, India, Indonesia, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq have been set up in recent years. Over the past year (ended March 20), the total sale of Iranian nanoproducts has been equal to 115 trillion rials (nearly $425 million).

The expansion of nanotechnology export programs in recent years and the establishment of bases for exporting nanoproducts to China, India, Indonesia, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq have provided the opportunity for the entry of Iranian nanotechnology goods, equipment, and services into global markets.

Some 42 percent of the products in this field are related to construction, more than 17 percent to the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals, 13 percent to the field of automobiles, and over 10 percent to the field of optoelectronic.

Some 270 companies are active in the nanotechnology field and it is predicted that their revenue will reach up to 80 trillion rials (nearly $310 million), Vice President for Science and Technology, Sourena Sattari, announced.

Iran improves in nanotechnology

Iran’s ranking in nanotechnology articles citation in 2019 has significantly improved compared to 2018, as it moved 26 levels higher, according to the StatNano’s statistics collected from the WoS database.

Based on a report Nanotechnology Publications report, Iran ranked 38 worldwide for the average number of times the nano-articles have been cited in the Journal Citation Reports in 2019, while in 2018, it was placed 64.

Iran ranked 4th for the highest number of nano-article publications.



Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/473636/Four-countries-import-Iranian-nanocosmetics

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