July 2, 2022

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Disorganization; the huge blow to Iran football

TEHRAN – With only five months before the start of this year’s World Cup in Qatar, concerns have been raised about the performance of Iran national football team in Doha.

Dragan Skocic’s side lost to Algeria 2-1 Sunday night in a friendly match but what is more worrying is the management challenge in the football federation ahead of the prestigious event.

The federation is leading by an acting president and it could be a huge blow to the team’s preparation for this year’s World Cup.

The Iranian fans have a strong fear of being humiliated by powerhouses England in the competition after the National Team’s lackluster performance against the Algerian team.

Iran are to play the U.S. and Wales in Group B as well.

Many critics argue that Skocic is not a good option to lead the National Team in the World Cup, but the federation’s disorganization is the bigger problem at the moment.

The federation has to arrange more friendlies, however, it should first find its new president in September.

Iran football can make history to qualify for the World Cup next stage for the first time ever but the federation wastes the opportunity without a shadow of a doubt.

It cannot appreciate the chance to access this significant achievement.

Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/473651/Disorganization-the-huge-blow-to-Iran-football

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