June 30, 2022

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A brief look into Maduro visit to Iran

The document calls for bilateral cooperation in different fields, including politics, economy and culture, as well as oil and petrochemical.

It was signed on Saturday on the second day of the Venezuelan president’s visit to Iran that followed trips to Algeria and Turkey.  

The document was signed by the Iranian and Venezuelan foreign ministers, two hours after Maduro was officially welcomed by his Iranian Counterpart Ebrahim Raisi at the Sa’adabad Palace.

Both presidents hailed the document and expressed their countries’ readiness to exchange experience and make efforts to implement it.

In their joint press conference, the presidents spoke out against US hegemony which has resulted in numerous rounds of sanctions against both nations.

President Raisi said that the resistance by Venezuela and Iran have made those sanctions ineffective, while Maduro spoke of a new world in the future that will enjoy justice and equality.

President Maduro, during his Friday interview with the Iranian Spanish-language News Network, Hispan TV, also said that Tehran and Caracas are at the forefront of creating a new world order devoid of US hegemony.

The two presidents also attended a ceremony on Saturday to deliver the second Iranian-made oil tanker to Venezuela.

High-level delegations met on the same day too, exploring ways to deepen cooperation between the two countries.

The Venezuelan president, meanwhile, visited an exhibition showcasing achievements by Iranian knowledge-based companies.

Maduro was received by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who stressed that resistance is the only way to confront US pressure.

The Supreme Leader also hailed Maduro for his anti-Zionist stance, calling it courageous.

The Venezuelan president thanked Iran for assisting his country in its fight against US pressure.  

Also during his trip, direct flights between Tehran and Caracas were announced, which are due to begin next week.

Maduro’s trip to Iran was his second visit to the country in six years.


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