June 26, 2022

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US in need of public opinion support to succeed: Analyst

The United States’ war crimes in Afghanistan and Yemen as well as launching conflict in Libya are blatant examples of violation of human rights in the world, emphasized Mohsen Pakaein in the Eighth International Conference on American Human Rights from the Perspective of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei held in Asaluyeh County, in Bushehr Province, southern Iran.

What happened in prisons such as Bagram in Afghanistan and other jails in Iraq and Cuba indicate the United States’ real human rights, so that the US will be on the decline, the former Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan Republic added.

Of course, the decline does not translate into downfall; some people may say that the US is still the superpower in the world, he noted, arguing that about 20 years ago, the American authorities could convince world public opinion in order to attack Afghanistan, but today they have little support when it comes to push ahead with their plan to suspend Russia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council over Ukraine war, because merely 93 countries out of 193 member states voted for Russia’s suspension.

Today, the national sovereignty of states is of great importance and they defend themselves because the real face of American human rights is obvious for all nations around the globe, the political expert mentioned.

The ideology dominant in the West, especially the US, is promoting this sort of governance, which is based on liberal democracy, he said, adding that this ideology is seeking destruction of humans and their rights under the guise of freedom.

The liberal democracy encourages same sex marriage, which means the stoppage of human birth, he warned, noting that Europe is rewarding sterilization of humans, so when there is no newborn, there is no human to see human rights.

The political expert went on to say that the liberal democracy is contrary to modern Islamic civilization and that Islam should be correctly introduced to the world people to be aware that the holy religion is promoting salvation.

In contradiction to the liberal democracy ideology, which describes the end of history as marred with wars and annihilation of numerous people, the statement of the second step of the Islamic Revolution emphasizes that the end of history will be based on justice and living together, he noted.

Ayatollah Khamenei has proposed the conference on American human rights in order to raise a strategic viewpoint with the foresight of decline of the global arrogance, when humans can experience prosper as a result of getting touched with the Islamic civilization, the analyst argued.

Pakaein urged for revealing the real face of American human rights, adding that racism is part of the liberal democracy and that the US and the Zionist regime are pursuing racist policies.

The expert further called on Shia and Sunni Muslims to maintain Islamic unity to pave the ground for creating a modern Islamic civilization.


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