June 25, 2022

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Turkish translator ‘happy’ to spend life on Persian works

Yildirim, a special guest invited by Iran to the ongoing International Book Fair in Tehran, spoke with IRNA at the news agency’s pavilion. He heads the Persian Language and Literature Department of Atatürk University in the Turkish city of Erzurum.

He said that he had been working on translation of Persian Language works over the past 32 years.

Yildirim said that it took eight years to translate the Shahnameh and that the presidents of Iran and Turkey personally thanked him for translating the precious work.

Shahnameh is the world’s longest epic poems created by a single poet and the greatest epic of Persian speaking states, which includes ancient Iranian history.

He added that he has also translated works of other well-known Iranian poets like Sa’adi, Hafez, Rumi, and Parvin Etesami, and has written a book on the Persian Language grammar that has been published for ten times.

Yildirim said that the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology of Turkey has recently presented him a letter of commendation, describing him as “a cultural bridge” between the two brotherly and friendly countries.

He said he was very happy and excited about that description.


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Original News : https://en.irna.ir/news/84759621/Turkish-translator-happy-to-spend-life-on-Persian-works

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