June 26, 2022

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Top negotiator: Iran is serious in Vienna, but distrusts the other side

Top negotiator: Iran is serious in Vienna, but distrusts the other side – Tehran Times

TEHRAN— Iran’s deputy foreign minister and chief nuclear negotiator says Tehran is ready for resuming negotiation to remove sanctions, and at the same time is aware of the other side’s plans.

Speaking during a visit to Iran Oil Show 2022 on Sunday, Ali Bagheri Kani said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with scientists and technicians from the country’s energy sector, will use all international capacities to enhance the country’s ability to neutralize sanctions.

In his visit to the oil show, Bagheri Kani was accompanied by the directors general of the Foreign Ministry and some ambassadors.

Emphasizing that the strategic policy to neutralize sanctions is in line with the smart initiative to lift sanctions, he said this policy has thwarted the enemy’s trick in stopping the train of progress and the national comprehensive development.

He continued, “The strong will and the amazing ability of the experts of the country’s energy industry turned the art of circumventing sanctions, which was once the only tool of the industry sector against (George W.) Bush’s smart sanctions plan, to a technology to counter the crippling Obama sanctions and then into knowledge to neutralize the sanctions imposed by Trump’s campaign of ‘maximum pressure’.”

Bagheri added now other countries under sanctions are seeking to use the Iranian experience in neutralizing sanctions.

Noting the ability of scientists to neutralize sanctions in addition to greatly increasing the diplomatic capacity to lift sanctions, he said this ability would also significantly enhance the country’s deterrent power in the face of oppressive sanctions.

The deputy foreign minister said that the stability to lift sanctions depends on maintaining and enhancing the hardware and software capacities in neutralizing the sanctions.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is serious in the process of negotiations and fulfillment of international obligations, including the agreement on lifting sanctions. But at the same time, it is very well aware and distrusts the enemy and is wary not to rely on foreigners for immunity from sanctions,” he pointed out.

The chief negotiator continued, “Revolutionary wisdom requires that by not trusting the enemy and not relying on foreigners, we use all the capacities of the field of diplomacy to ensure national interests.”

Emphasizing that the Foreign Ministry is determined to seriously use diplomacy to lift sanctions, Bagheri said, “The country will also use all within its power to neutralize sanctions.”

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