July 2, 2022

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Sweden’s ambassador summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

In Sunday session of Nuri’s trial, a brief of the Swedish prosecutor’s verdict against him to the court was read out according to which Nuri is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ambassador Mattias Lentz was summoned by Iranian deputy foreign minister for West European Affairs and was informed of Iran’s stance on the matter, including the baselessness of the accusations brought up against Nuri by the Swedish prosecutor.

The managing director of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran while referring to the process of Hamid Nuri’s hearings, said that the court hearings in Sweden on Nuri were quite illegal and under the influence of the falsified and erroneous influence of the MKO terrorist group and the anti-Iranian propagations.

He also asked for putting an end to the political show of the Swedish court and fast release of Nuri, who has been imprisoned in that country for a long time.

The Swedish ambassador said that Iran’s standpoints of the issue will be conveyed to the concerned Swedish officials by the embassy and the Iranian Foreign Ministry will be informed of their response.


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