June 26, 2022

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Raisi admin. ready to expand ties with Persian Gulf states: Diplomat

Foreign Ministry’s Undersecretary for Diplomatic Affairs Ali Reza Enayati told IRNA on Sunday that last Iranian year (March 21, 2021 to March 20, 2022) was the year of numerous breakthroughs in the Persian Gulf area.

Positive and constructive talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran as well as President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Qatar, where the two sides inked 15 memoranda of understanding, and the upcoming trip to Oman indicate the administration’s effort to expand ties, Enayati noted.

– Hope for Future

Pointing to the results of the talks, he noted that Iranian experts were dispatched to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and that the host (Riyadh) facilitated the Iranian representatives’ presence in Saudi Arabia and their cooperation with the OIC.

Saudi and Iranian talks might pave the way for participation of Iranian pilgrims in this year’s Hajj, he mentioned.

The undersecretary expressed hope that Iran’s interaction with littoral states of the Persian Gulf will secure interests of regional nations and the Islamic world.

– Good Neighborliness

President Raisi gives importance to constant talks with heads of states in West Asia, he noted, adding that the negotiations can play key role in maintaining stability in the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken many steps and it is ready to do more to expand the country’s exchanges with the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, he said, warning that any sort of militarism and military look into the region can disrupt regional security and that the presence of the threatening Zionist regime cannot help secure the region.

Enayati also expressed hope that Iran-Persian Gulf states cooperation can lead all regional states to expand economic and trade collaborations.

 – Serious Determination

As to President Raisi’s imminent visit to Oman, the diplomat said that the meetings among heads of regional states, including Qatari, Omani, and Iranian heads of states can be a sign of seriousness in paving the ground for utilizing mutual and multilateral capacities.

He further referred to Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, saying that the FM’s trip to the UAE to express condolences for demise of the late Emir and congratulations for appointment of the new president indicates that the Islamic Republic attaches significance to good neighborliness, which can pave the way for expanding ties with other neighboring states.


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