May 28, 2022

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Persian Gulf Natl. Conference opens in Bushehr

President of the Persian Gulf University Mohammad Modarresi, whose university hosts the two-day event, said in the opening ceremony of the conference on Wednesday that historical documents prove that the Persian Gulf has always been cradle of history, culture and civilization, and that the conference is being held to commemorate the significant role that the Persian Gulf has been playing throughout the history of mankind.

Expansion of cultural and social interactions in the area which enjoys very old civilization as well as development of relationships in regional and trans-regional arenas are among other objectives of the international conference, the academic noted.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has described the Persian Gulf as an Islamic sea, which is also a very important hub of energy supplying products to all around the world.

The international waterway is more an epistemological field rather than a social region; so, the Persian Gulf University gives importance to researches on the Persian Gulf based on strategic documents, he argued.

As the Supreme Leader also emphasized, “the Persian Gulf is our home;” he said, adding that following appropriate preparations to hold the conference, Iranian and foreign researchers have welcomed the event; thus, the scientific seminar paves the way for introducing the Persian Gulf to the world.

Executive secretary of the conference Hossein Allahyari expressed hope that following the establishment of the permanent secretariat of the Persian Gulf National Conference on History, Culture and Civilization in the university, the event will be held biennially.  

The international conference is scheduled to host six expertise meetings in Bushehr and Siraf in the southern province of Bushehr, the executive secretary noted.

The book “Water for holy Siraf land” written by Mohsen Javaheri was unveiled in the opening ceremony of the conference, he said, adding that a visit to the historical complex of Siraf is going to be the closing ceremony of the international event.


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