June 30, 2022

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Official rebukes Sweden’s hostile approach towards Iran

Official rebukes Sweden’s hostile approach towards Iran – Tehran Times

TEHRAN- Kazem Gharibabadi, Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, has condemned the wrongful verdict and extended incarceration of former Iranian official Hamid Nouri in Sweden, saying that the Scandinavian country has taken a “hostile” stance towards Tehran on national security concerns.

“The Swedish government, with support of some other European countries particularly the British government, has certainly sought the prosecution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Over the past few years, Sweden has pursued a hostile approach concerning national security issues against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Gharibabadi said.

Sweden has long sponsored anti-Iran terrorist groups, according to the top Iranian Judiciary official.

“The attitude of the Iranian people was not negative towards Swedes. Swedish operatives, just like certain countries that follow an openly hostile against Iran, would not disclose many aspects of their actions against Iran’s national security, probably as to continue their anti-Iran actions easily and with no trouble,” he commented.

Gharibabadi went on to say that Sweden has been drafting anti-Iran resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for years, but once Nouri’s trial began, it handed up the duty to Britain and two or three other countries. 

“Why does Sweden claim to be an advocate of human rights, fight against terrorism and a world of peace, security and stability, while it is hosting terrorist groups?”

He said that Sweden was the SMLA terrorist group’s primary stronghold, with its ringleader Habib Farajollah Chaab – also known as Habib Asyud – located there and the Swedish secret service providing him and his companions with considerable assistance.

“Even when Habib Asyud was arrested at request of the Iran Interpol in one of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region, the Swedes intervened immediately and returned him to Sweden on a private flight. Sweden has also been home to members of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO),” Gharibabadi added.

“Why does Sweden claim to be an advocate of human rights, fight against terrorism and a world of peace, security and stability, while it is hosting terrorist groups?” he questioned.

“At whose behest has Nouri’s trial been launched? Sweden was supposed to prosecute the MKO for its crimes against the Iranian nation; but has instead filed a lawsuit on their part,” the Iranian official pointed out.

“I believe that Sweden has used both Nouri’s case and support for the MKO terrorist group as an excuse to try the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Gharibabadi underlined.

The Iranian Judiciary and Foreign Ministry, according to the official, have organized professional teams to assist Nouri in the matter, with his family receiving legal guidance.
The charges against Nouri come from allegations made by MKO members against him.

In 2019, he was detained and imprisoned upon his entry in Sweden at Stockholm Airport. Nouri, aged 61, has been detained in solitary confinement for more than two years, and his family has been denied access to him.

There are claims that Nouri was involved in issuing death sentence against MKO members and torturing them. Nouri categorically denies such bogus charges.

Gharibabadi further stated that Iranian national Ahmad Reza Jalali was convicted of espionage for Mossad and admitted to spying for Israel and complicity in the assassination of Iranian nuclear experts.

“Rest assured” 

In a tweet on Tuesday, Gharibabadi said, “Iran will NEVER tolerate Sweden’s violation of the human rights of Hamid Nouri, including any illegitimate and flawed court ruling against him, which merely seeks to advance its orchestrators’ political goals. Anyone violating Iranians’ rights will be held accountable. Rest assured!”

Iran’s Judiciary spokesperson Zabihullah Khodaeian has confirmed that the death sentence against Jalili will be carried out. Khodaeian also stated that Tehran will not trade him for Nouri.

“Jalali has been sentenced to death and the verdict is final and will be carried out,” Khodaeian reiterated.

Jalali, a resident of Sweden, was apprehended in Iran in 2016. He was convicted of espionage for Mossad and participation in the assassination of Iranian scientists based on his confession.

In December 2017, Iran’s Supreme Court affirmed his death sentence. 

Jalali was given Swedish citizenship in late February 2018, according to Stockholm.


Original News : https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/472510/Official-rebukes-Sweden-s-hostile-approach-towards-Iran

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